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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Pianoworldstage, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Pianoworldstage

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    I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, i no longer have WI FI connection and Vodafone is costing me £15 mth for only 6GB data. Does anyone know of any FREE VPN or any app that gives free DATA ?

    I installed the "free basic" version Hotspot Shield as they profess to say they give 15GB of DATA, but they DON'T.

  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    You need to distinguish a fundamental difference between online access (via WiFi or mobile data) and a VPN service. A WiFi connection and a cellular connection are both ways to get online access. For both you need an account with an ISP (WiFi) or cellular carrier (mobile data), most are pay-for services, but there are some 'free' services but they always involve limitations. A VPN service allows you a secured (encrypted) connection using your existing broadband or cellular service. A VPN is not a stand-alone service, it has to work within one of your already existing online access. The limit imposed by your example is just how much free data it will provide to you, but again, it still has to work whichever WiFi connection you're using.
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  3. Pianoworldstage

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    So installing a VPN will only allow me a "secure encrypted connection" but provide no mobile DATA ? My existing ISP is Vodafone (Pay As You Go) I'm basically looking for a less expensive option then £15 mth for only 6GB.

    You mention there are some "free services" but with limitations, could you recommend ?
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  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Change your provider might be your best best, to one like Tesco Mobile, GiffGaff, Lebara, Lycamobile, even China Mobile UK, etc. I'm sure all of them have better value PAYG deals than Vodafone. Vodafone was always probably one of the most expensive carriers in the UK for what you get.

    A VPN will NOT give you extra internet access data, it only encrypts your existing data connection.
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  5. Hadron

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    How could it? A VPN doesn't connect you to a different mobile network, just encrypts data transfers and routes them through a different server - it's a Virtual Private Network, not a physically different network. So all of your mobile data still passes through the cellular link from your phone to your carrier's basestations, and from their system to the VPN operator's server. Vodafone can't see what the data contain, and can't see who the real source/destination is (this is the "private" part), but they handle the transfer of every byte to/from your handset and so know exactly how much data you have transferred.

    The only way the VPN provider could give you additional data would be if they pre-paid for some bulk data allowance for traffic to/from their servers. And even if Vodafone were agreeable to that they would not do that without charging their users for this, because Vodafone would certainly be charging them. And in addition this would only work for Vodafone customers, so this hypothetical "VPN with included mobile data" would have to make such a deal separately with every mobile operator they wished to offer their service on (including virtual mobile operators like Tesco, GiffGaff, etc, who themselves piggy-back on other networks, because they would still see the data usage of their customers). I'm sure you can imagine why this would not be a viable business model.

    So as said above, if you want a larger mobile data allowance for the same/less money, you need to see what other deals are available and change your service to one of them. There is no other way.
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  6. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Just to clarify:
    -- an ISP refers to an Internet Service Provider, and this typically involves some kind of land-line connectivity (cabling running into your home, coax or phone line) and then a modem/router, or modem and router, that provides you with online access (via Ethernet cables and WiFi).
    -- a cellular carrier involves wireless connectivity only, and is supplied and maintained by your chosen carrier's cellular network. This involves cellular radio signals that are emitted by nearby towers and antennas mounted on other structures, like a tall building.
    -- a VPN is a Virtual Private Network service. It is NOT going provide you with any online access, you still need an account with an ISP and/or carrier. A VPN is simply a more secure way to connect within whichever online connection you're using. So while you can get to the Internet using either a broadband connection (ISP) or mobile data (cellular) with or without a VPN service, you cannot get any access to the Internet using just a VPN service.

    So instead of focusing so much on looking for a free VPN service, you should probably be looking for a free or low-cost ISP or carrier service instead. Keep in mind that it costs money to provide such services so that's why they typically involve a monthly fee, or limitations (reduced bandwidth speed or data caps) with increased user data mining when it involves free plans. Here in the U.S. there's a free government-supplied service (Lifeline) and some corporate, also limited free services (FreedomPop) but I don't know what the status is in the U.K. Given the spread of fascism I won't be surprised if Lifeline soon disappears.
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  7. Pianoworldstage

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    Thanks to everyone for your support on this post.
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