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VPN Service Binder - What is it? It suddenly appeared!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by meandmydroid, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. meandmydroid

    meandmydroid Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    After charging my Motorola Droid last night, I went on it this morning to look through the app market, and within a few minutes, it popped up a message saying my battery was about to die! (it had been fully charged!)....I went to the settings to view the running applications, and something was on there I had never seen before..."VPNServiceBinder"

    What is that? Should I be worried? Just did a quick Google search and it said it was a hacking software!!!! Has someone hacked my phone??? Help!!!!

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    I don't know what this is but it seems like something to do with the VPN functionality {Virtual-Private-Networking) on Android. If your really that concerned you may want to consider a factory reset :)
  3. VandalDuck

    VandalDuck Member

    I have seen this in my Running Services list also. The service starts if you go into the Settings/Wireless&Networks and select VPN Settings. Even if you do not set up a VPN, the service starts and continues to run until you manually stop it, or you reboot your phone.

    So...more than likely this is the cause, not a hack into your phone....
  4. StanGetsIt

    StanGetsIt Newbie

    OR it could be programs like Catch, Springpad or Evernote that might start VpnServiceBinder. Or a program like Add VPN, which of course most certainly starts it.

    Its in java, a java class.

    This is a good thing (with the obvious exception that VPN-ing needs "work" - especially where battery usage is concerned!), because you would want info synced by these to be with encryption ON. The service will continue until all is synced (assuming you have set one of these apps to auto-sync, or you started a manual sync of folders the size of elephants, in which case that service could be on for a whle - atg least until all is synced. Or not...

    Although these programs may start VpnServiceBinder, there is no guarantee that they will Stop that service. Manually stopping (once you know the app is finished syncing) or rebooting is the only way to stop it.

    Unless devs start thinking about cleanup routines.
    Most do not.
  5. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    hey everybody, my wife is having a similar problem with her samsung exhibit.
    i manually stopped it and am rebooting the phone now..

    will keep you updated, thanks for this thread it helped a lot!
  6. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    okay, just rebooted and it's no longer showing up, what's weird is that now she has android os, android system and something called "orientationd" running that i didn't notice before.

    any ideas?
  7. frisco-sp

    frisco-sp Lurker

    I'd say you need to try kebrum.com if you are a vpn user! I've faced no errors whatsoever working with it. And it's really cheap too!

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