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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Yurii, Jan 20, 2016.

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    VPN TRUE Mobile application. Now not only for tiresome iPads/iPhones, but specifically for your favorite Android devices ;) New functional mobile application VPN TRUE gives users secure access to worldwide public VPN network of the high speed VPN-servers, via Internet. Unlimited VPN-connection is now wherever you are! In a traveling, outdoors, in the countryside, just anywhere - enjoy a quality connection!

    VPN TRUE gives you two modes of unlimited FREE access:
    * Press "JUST CONNECT" button and use the app just "out of box" without any registering with random selection of a server automatically (limited VPN-servers list).
    * REGISTER you VPN TRUE and get the opportunity to choose a server manually in desired geographical location to your needs (much extended VPN-serves list)

    VPN TRUE ensure your safety on the Internet:
    * Protect yourself from DPI and other governments or enterprise data tracking
    * Prevent monitoring and espionage on the part of common Internet providers
    * Save in secret your location and yours personal information
    * Insure yourself from hackers attacks, when you are on a public Wi-Fi
    * Defend your personal data (mobile banking, e-mail, social networks and so on.)

    Features VPN TRUE:
    * Use social networks without the risk of blocking
    * Access to any sites with regional restricted content at high speed
    * Save on international calls using servers in different countries
    * Obtain FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, NETFLIX, HULU, sports, news, and many others nice things from anywhere in the world


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