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VR and N4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bonerp, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have any idea whether this will be as good as the Occulus Rift device just announced - in terms of speed of response, availability of games, movies, apps etc?

    I'm interested for improving vision and a couple of apps exist for this purpose, but worried about the reports (with other devices) of motion sickness due to slight responsiveness issues (ie movement followed by on screen movement).

    Also I thought the VR was a wrap around screen....as the note 4 is the screen I wonder how effective this can be?

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  2. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    MISS DIVA Android Enthusiast

  4. thirstypirate

    thirstypirate Well-Known Member

    I'm really looking forward to getting the VR if initial user reviews are good.
  5. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Only concern I have is sickness it might cause..... I get travel sick!
  6. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just received an email from Clove saying its been delayed until January. I'm not having them hold my money for 3-4 months so will cancel the order. I might buy it in the new year...might not now. Seems daft that a note 4 accessory is launched 3 months after the phone!!!
  7. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

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