Help Vulnerable Text Messages!

I'm pretty new to this whole android deal...I got an HTC Evo Shift for Valentines Day and I love the phone. However, my boyfriend rooted it for me, so he takes care of all the technical stuff. We've recently been having problems and I know for a fact that he can see my texts (incoming AND outgoing). He knows word-for-word what's been said. I know he made a second gmail account and POSSIBLY a google voice number along with it, so is there any chance he put something on my phone, making it possible for ALL of my texts to be forwarded to either his gmail account or a google voice number? The texts in question aren't on a google voice account, they're just on my regular Sprint number, in the messaging app on my phone. I'm a newbie, and have been researching online for a few weeks, and I can't figure any of it out. Any advice/input is appreciated! Thanks so much!