Help Vz Galaxy S3 losing Wi-fi password in profile


from time to time My S3 is losing the wireless password associated to my WPA2 accesspoint. The profile is there, so is the connect method, but its as if the password has been removed.

I put the password back into it, it works for a while, then back again. Anybody else?


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I've not had a problem; it connects flawlessly and quickly.

Have you rebooted the access point?

Have you tried deleting it ("forget"), rebooting, adding it again to see if it holds?


Verizon told me this is a known issue that some phones are having and will be fixed with the next software update. The temp fix is to log out and back into wifi until the update gets released. Hopefully the release will come sooner than the October projection because this is real annoyance not knowing if you're connected to wifi and possibly draining your data allotment.