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VZW Galaxy Nexus: FAQs & helpful threads

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alostpacket, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Below is an index of some helpful threads & links. Please feel free to post suggestions of threads you find helpful or just awesome :).

    * Anything with (VZW specific) next to it will probably be removed a bit after the forum re-organizing is completed. But I'm leaving some of it here for a few days just so we still have the reference.

    Official Help Pages ___________________________
    Plethora of tips & official guides by Google/Verizon/Samsung

    Problems/Known issues ____________________
    Sometimes it get be broke





    4G / LTE & Signal

    FAQs ________________________________________
    Some things get asked a lot

    Tips, Tricks, & Apps _______________________
    GNex widgets, tips & more

    Main forum section: Android Applications

    Media _______________________________________
    Audio, Video, Ringtones

    Main forum section: Android Media

    Theming / Customizing ___________________
    polka-dot wallpaper & comic sans setups you always wanted

    Main forum section: Android Themes

    OTA & other Updates ______________________
    Discuss the next sandwich

    Accessories _________________________________
    Docks, chargers, batteries, cases, screen covers

    Legendary threads _________________________
    Fabled tales for children & new forum users


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