VZW Killing Tethering in Froyo 2.2


No Tethering on the Motorola Droid, a Verizon Conspiracy? | Maximum PC

Late last week, Motorola Droid users rejoiced as it was announced they would be receiving an Android 2.2 update this week. But now another announcement is leaving a sour taste in users' mouths. Verison has announced that the update will not contain the Froyo standard USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality. In the statement, Verizon claimed it was a hardware issue, saying, "[the Droid] doesn't have [the] hardware to support a mobile hotspot."

Some users are calling Verizon's bluff though. The Droid is one of the most hackable Android phones available, and may custom ROMs exist for it. A rooted Droid is perfectly capable of running a hotspot with some of these ROMs. This fact makes Verizon's statement suspect. A more likely scenario is that Verizon simply doesn't want to allow users to use the free tethering in Froyo.


All I can say is this BS and VZW knows it.


Android Expert
I am sure the VZW app will magically make the Droid's hardware support tethering and mobile hotspots. :rolleyes: Too bad I can't tell them that my wallet's hardware doesn't support companies that lie so blatantly and I am unable to pay them.