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(VZW) Nexus 4.0.X Update Discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cvu524, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. moosc

    moosc Newbie

    Lol u think sad

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  2. JamesSJ

    JamesSJ Well-Known Member

    This may explain part of the problem with dropped calls. My LTE signal is better than my CDMA (-106/-120). They may be letting their CDMA system degrade as they build out LTE.
  3. moosc

    moosc Newbie

    When I got mY replacement nexus they tried ie vzw wanted to give me a maxx instead of another nexus. I totally refused and said no ics no phone.
  4. byrds8

    byrds8 Well-Known Member

    They can read complaints for sure. They have no way to see what your phone actually receives at its antenna. They can see what theirs is putting out but that is all. Well, I should say legally thats all they can do. They can track call quality only by SNR( signal to noise ratio), not physically what you can hear. Again legally that is. The way the carriers see dropped calls is if you are consecutively redialing the same number in a short amount of time. When the line disconnects there is no way for them to tell what caused it other than if their equipment went down.
  5. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    But they can hear complaints to tech support....
  6. moosc

    moosc Newbie

    And tech support will say your on a unofficial os
    And can't help u.
  7. radzer0

    radzer0 Member

    They arent letting the 3g network degrade. But they are in the process of phasing out all of the EVDO1x network. It will give them more spectrum to play with for the time being. I think its safe to say as all the new phones come out they will all be 4g or the new format 3g (forgot proper name) Id say 3g is gonna be gone by 2015. But thats still a ways away.
  8. ajoudi84

    ajoudi84 Member

    Sorry for reposting. Haven't got a response yet. If anyone knows the answer to this question.

    I was just wondering if anybody has installed the update that uses Wallet. I'm just worried about getting the dreaded "Secure element not responding" error message. I'm running a unlocked, non-rooted, stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Just looking for a confirmation of someone using wallet before and after installing without any problems. TIA
  9. moosc

    moosc Newbie

    The only thing I get is unsuported device. I've never had any other messages and my wallet works a.d updates from play store
  10. radzer0

    radzer0 Member

    With the verizon released 4.0.4?
  11. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Android Enthusiast

    What's the new format 3G called?
  12. radzer0

    radzer0 Member

    Dont remember, it was the reason for the LTE/3G outage on the thunderbolt when it first came out that was pushing many many phones into 1x coverage. If I still had the thunderbolt i could pull up the settings and tell you what it was called when u turned it off. I dont believe there is such a menu in the nexus.
  13. moosc

    moosc Newbie

  14. radzer0

    radzer0 Member

    eHRPD, reading up on it it actualy has something to do with the 3G connection and transfer. Maybe I had that mixed up from a while back. I thought it was a new style of 3g but apparently just the way to connect to 3g.
  15. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    who told you that?

    they MOST certainly can tell whether a call is ended vs a "dropped" call. the can track dropped packets to infer call quality. This is a digital connection.
  16. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    the upgrade from 1x was EVDO(what is currently used on 3G VZW)
  17. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    We are all passionate about our devices, but there is never a good reason to criticize another person's (yes, everyone here is a person and should be respected as such) misunderstanding of technology. Let's educate each other and then we can all be on the same page.
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  18. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    Actually, no. You stated this wasn't a test because there would be no way for VZW to track performance. As was stated, this was not a leak, this was a Verizon "soak test" where they roll out the update to a small number of devices to make sure there aren't major issues. They would track these issues through both dropped call tracking as well as tech support calls. And NO, they wouldn't tell you you are on an unsupported OS because they would ask for your build info and it would match the build rolled out in the test phase. If multiple users were reporting problems with this build, Verizon would pull the test and we wouldn't see a public rollout. If the test rollout goes off without a hitch they release it to the masses.
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  19. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast

    Yup, I know from previously being a Droid X and Xoom owner that the updates "usually" come within a few days after the Soak test. If that holds true, it should come out this week. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Expect nothing from VZ and you won't be disappointed.
  20. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    Knowledge bomb.
  21. PKayy

    PKayy Member

    Just spoke to a Verizon Wireless tech rep. He said to expect the update next month. I'm getting really tired of waiting.
  22. gnexowner

    gnexowner Member

    It don't matter i got the 4.0.4 and my phone still reboots when i use hotspot lol. But my signal is great now tho.
  23. ThEoRy36O

    ThEoRy36O Well-Known Member

    So stop waiting. Just update it now.
  24. vicorama

    vicorama Lurker

    The verizon rep will say anything to keep you entertained. Verizon would rather you switch to a Motorola phone because well... IMHO, I think they have so much invested in Moto that they get something out of it.
  25. moosc

    moosc Newbie

    Sorry but that's not correct. You register your device say motorola because there awesome. They send out a email asking you to fill out a survey then they go through and pick out testers. And the os we are testing is pretty much final. You test it a few days report to there private forums with any bugs once testing is complete they look over the results if there isn't a major snafu then in a couple days the os is released to the masses. This how I've been testing new os for my motorola droids all the way back to the original droid. Sorry but no way would vzw release a update in a uncontrolled environment the risk are to high.

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