Extreme Android User
Jan 7, 2010
So, the latest in not-to-be-believed tweets from @vzwsupport was this one earlier today:

Well, that is a link for 1.5 for the G1. *ZC followed that with another, again a cupcake update for the G1:

Sorry here is a working link to the 1.5 update for all with the leaked version How To Manually Install Android 1.5 Cupcake US Version | Android Central

Followed later by this one:

Sorry I sent the wrong link for a G1 upgrade. I am trying to find an Eris link now. *ZC

Here's hoping that anybody that tried to install this did not brick their phone, but instead got an error message.
At this point, I wouldn't believe a single word coming from the VZW Twitter account... so bogus