Feb 24, 2016
I've downloaded tons of music to my phone via YoutubeToMp3, it always worked before but it doesnt

ive been told to find and delete .nomedia but i cant find it.
What exactly is not working?
  • Are you unable to download the mp3? (if so, how are you attempting to transfer the mp3 to your phone?)
  • Are you able to copy the mp3 to your phone, but your music player is not finding it? (If so, what music player are you using?)
  • Are you getting an error in your music app (not sure what W-Explorer is)? (If so, try a different app - like Google play music app, or VLC etc
Im downloading it just fine, but when ive downloaded it, and i try to drag and drop from windows explorer (w-explorer) it says that my phone doesnt support mp3's and refuses to copy. im using the cable i got from the phone to transfer.
If the copy is giving you that message, doesn't it give an option to override it and copy anyway? (mine does - for other file formats). Use that option, and copy it over. See if it plays.
(copying a mp3 should not cause that message in the first place - check to make sure the file extension is truly mp3 - depending on your explorer view settings, the actual file extension may be hidden)
It actually fixed itself with a reboot, so its alright.

dont know why it happened though.

but yea, it gave an option to override and copy, but whenever i chose that it gave me the same error