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Tips W17PRO firmware & custom roms

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 350X, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. 350X

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    [quote name='coreo' timestamp='1337585402' post='366036']
    RAMOS's website to keep updated with their progress on official ROM releases..
    RAMOSFans site chinese forum if anyone wants to follow it..usually has first releases of custom roms..
    RAMOS BETA RELEASE version 20120616 ( no market or root ..)


    OFFICIAL RAMOS RELEASE version 20120605 ( no market or root .. Definitely runs cooler now charging and running)

    Some people are having freezing issues including me...bugger..
    OFFICIAL RAMOS RELEASE version 20120517 ( no market or root ..)
    Runs warm but stable
    OFFICIAL RAMOS RELEASE version 20120514 ( no market or root ..)

    OFFICIAL RAMOS RELEASE MARKET PATCH (no root and missing apps, but at least it's official)



    CUSTOM ROM 20120517(with_play_store_and_rooted) and GT--I9100 finger print

    Runs fine everything you need fullmarket in one. I've gone back to using this one as I'm having freezing issues in 605...
    CUSTOM ROM Freewill 2.0
    -added customized SystemUI.apk (recompiled based on fw0605)
    -pretends to be samsung GT-I9100
    -added Google Facelock (optional)
    -no upgraded busybox until i figure out why mouse cursor shows a logo picture
    -only provides the rooted boot.img and two modified recovery.imgs to -support adb shell
    -changed recovery flashing method
    just put the zip file onto your external sd card..boot into recovery and apply update from sdcard

    Fullscreen and Screenshot patch 2.0
    -added long press BACK function to toggle full screen mode
    -to disable long press BACK function, add "ro.fs.delay=0" to build.prop

    Physical Volume Buttons Remap
    -VOLUME UP remapped to HOME
    -VOLUME DOWN remapped to BACK
    you can edit /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_0001_Product_0001.kl to remap keys as you wish.

    CUSTOM ROM Freewill 1.1.1 Multiple choice install...zip aligned apps for speed.rooted. and (market crashes but can fix it with the guide below, AC3 Patch included.. based on 20120517

    Freewill full screen and screen capture patch 1.1.1(cool patch install via recovery)

    !!new market and root patch!! cuts the second post in half..
    NOTE SOME PEOPLE ARE HAVING FREEZING ISSUES ... not shore what's doing it.. might be when we root it and ad market!

    BASED ON 20120604 from the chinese forum..MARKET AND ROOT PATCH!!.. put it on your external sd card and install via recovery..

    CabROM v2.0*

    feature list (June 7, 2012):
    1. added Google's electronic market Play;
    2. integrated Google's official face recognition (needs Google Play login before use);
    3. integrated solutions for hard Flash10.2;
    4. full Root permissions and rights management;
    5. other optimization, improving running speed.

    Apps still missing from the market though will still need to follow through the guide below in the 2nd post from..
    "to fix market to get more apps compatible" point
    copy & paste the permissions files


    cumstomized SystemUI.apk (based on fw0517)

    From crayon (the Maker of freewill..thankyou)

    1. digital battery
    2. virtual volume buttons
    3. transparency tuner of Status Bar
    4. wifi switch on Notification Panel

    to use it:
    1. make a copy of /system/app/SystemUI.apk
    2. overwrite it with the downloaded file
    3. ignore errors quickly
    4. reboot

    Please feed back. Enjoy!



    --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    OFFICIAL RAMOS RELEASE AC3 Patch if you are having problems playing some videos.. (don't need it if you are used FREEWILL, already in there)
    put it on your sd card go into recovery and flash update zip from sdcard
    Google calendar sync app seems to be missing put it in your /system/app directory should fix it
    Adobe Flash player from ramos dont know if is any different to the one in the market


  2. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member
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    [quote name='F&LSuperstore' timestamp='1340360170' post='380669']
    Ok...here it goes.

    This is my first update package I've ever made. So if it doesn't work perfectly please be patient while I figure out the things I've done wrong and how I can make things better in the future. It works on my W17 and I have "tablet" root and full market with the i9100 footprint.

    Future builds will include an unlocked boot.img for ADB root access & some additions of some choice Gapps that aren't installed like the People app for example.


    Put this on the root directory of an SD card and boot your W17 while holding down the - button. When you go into recovery choose "Install From SD Card" and choose the zip. The script will do the rest.

    If Facebook and other choice apps do not show up, you might have to go into your System -> Apps on your tablet and choose GoogleServicesFramwork and clear cache/clear data force stop. Also do the same with Google Play Store. Then open the store you will get an error. Just reset your tablet.

    I can see all gameloft/EA games with this and it has played everyone so far.

    Going to take a nap :)
  3. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    [quote name='F&LSuperstore' timestamp='1340459450' post='381325']
    0616 repack - Full root, full market.

    0616 rom runs at 1200max I've noticed. So if you want faster you should probably stick to 0517. If you were one of the people crying and complaining about how hot the tablet is, then you should go with 0616 and sacrifice a little bit of speed for the comfort of your hands.

    Ramos W17Pro 0616 ROM Custom Repack Full Root Full Market - SlateDroid.com

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