WAAS / EGNOS in Android phone ?


Could there be a Android phone with WAAS and/or EGNOS enabled ?
Abstract: Standard GPS, native in many mobile devices (e.g. Android), achieve fifteen-meters
positioning accuracy. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) corrections to GPS achieve one-meter
accuracy without an additional transceiver. Also, NOAA is constructing Continuous Operating Reference
Stations (CORS) [12] which enable even more accurate sub-centimeter positioning. Because higher
positioning resolution can enable new applications, we believe that mobile devices will soon be equipped
with WAAS. We propose delineating these new applications, implementing a prototype application,
conducting usability studies, and developing usability models for applications employing WAAS
augmented GPS.
Problem statement: The one-meter accuracy of WAAS augmented GPS will enable new mobile
applications with new challenges for implementing useful functionality and usable interactions.
Goals: The goals of this research are to provide the tools and example implementations required by
software engineers to develop mobile applications using WAAS and CORS GPS positioning techniques.

Describe the Perfect Android Phone
Better GPS. They have WAAS enable GPS units that could easily fit in smartphones. The N1 has the quickest and best GPS I've tested but a lot of Android GPS chips suck. They should be able to get a satellite lock in 5 seconds at all times in the US with no cell tower help (The US usually has 9-12 satellites visible, you only need ). This is personal preference as I use my droid to analyze the ground track of my flight students and also use it to navigate while mountaineering but I think everyone would love a solid GPS.