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Wait till after CES or get Droid now?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kraze0g, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    just wondering what you guys think that own droids, i really want to just get the droid and be done with deciding on phones. i was going to wait until after CES but i haven't heard anything good coming out of it except that Opus One phone which isn't 'high-end' like the droid. you guys think i should just make the move now and get the droid and end this constant debate in my head? or should i wait till after CES? ;\ i leave for college on the 13th so i need to have a good phone, im just nervous that i won't make the right decision here.

    thanks for any input.

  2. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    those were in reference to the eris, which i returned. im trying to decide if i should wait till after CES or if i should get the droid, my clock is ticking before i leave for college and i dont have much time unfortunately :( thanks for the help btw

  3. teschoen

    teschoen Well-Known Member

    go ahead and get it. There will always be a newer device, better, faster, etc. This is one of the best, it is a good deal and in 2 years you can drop it for something else knowing it has served you well.
  4. DroidDukie

    DroidDukie Lurker

    I'm in a similar situation kraze0g. I've been debating on whether to go ahead and take the plunge for the Droid now or wait a week or so and see what CES promises. It seems the closer it gets to CES the less promising it is for a better phone than the Droid to be available early... IMO. I think I would be happy with the Droid, but I think I can wait another week or so to see what comes to the surface...just to be sure. ;)
  5. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yeah, i just dont want to see something i may like better being released very soon and kick myself after i see it at CES. im also concerned about these threads about the droids call quality :( i need to make sure this phone works as a phone.

    i think in 5-6 days ill be able to make my final decision then. even though i want the droid!
  6. bugeyeblue

    bugeyeblue Well-Known Member

    I've replied to your other posts. Your're welcome.
  7. bugeyeblue

    bugeyeblue Well-Known Member

    You could also do what I do and buy your phones on craigslist. Sell it for a small profit it you're not happy with it. I've done it with countless phones. Just call verizon to check the esn and make sure to activate it before paying the person.
  8. tpriddy

    tpriddy Member

    CES is so close and OLED displays rumored from Motorola sound nice. I'd wait.
  9. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    wait how long?? i am ITCHING for a droid and my storm is ready to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. andy44512

    andy44512 Newbie

    after having my eris for 3 weeks i made the swtich to the droid and can`t believe how much more i like this over the eris. i tried my brothers droid to see if i wanted to change it and i can say that i`m more than pleased with the choice.
  11. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    shush! youre making my decision or lack thereof harder! :)
  12. andy44512

    andy44512 Newbie

    i love this phone..... do it don`t be scared !!! lol :)
  13. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    im not scared, just was wondering if one is coming without the keyboard..... i think i would enjoy that better?!? im soooooooooo excited actually. keyboard or no. i troll these board EVERY freakin day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    im really a 1 handed phone type a guy cause of disability so i was interested in Eris, but i have read soooooooooo so many who have switched or wished they got otherwise. i just want the news that Verizon is going to break in a couple of days nowwwwwwwwwwwwww
  15. andy44512

    andy44512 Newbie

    i could be wrong on the name but i think it`s called the moto devour. smaller droid from what i`d seen. google it.
  16. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    i thought i read that it was same thing as the moto droid but without a key pad. if thats the case, smaller and keyboard (i saw it already) i will get a droid ASAP.....
  17. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Android Enthusiast

    I HATE physical keyboards, which is why I went with the Eris for 3 weeks and 5 days before the lagginess and freezups made me dump it for the Droid.

    I never use the physical keyboard, and I honestly just forget it's there. I use the virtual keyboard 100% of the time.

    I LOVE the Droid. It is much faster and much more powerful than the Eris. It's the best phone I've had.
  18. shark1987

    shark1987 Newbie

    if you're going to stick with Verizon then I would just get the droid, i don't think there is going to be any new verizon phones that will be better anytime soon (i.e. atleast a few months)
  19. tpriddy

    tpriddy Member

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