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wake up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by choij2000, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. choij2000

    choij2000 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok, i just got my phone this am, so i have a couple of dumb questions:

    -is there another way to wake the phone up from sleep? i can only wake it up by pressing the power button on top. the other buttons don't do anything.

    -is there a way to turn off the 'slide to unlock' feature? its kinda of annoying if i have the security unlock pattern turned on as well.


  2. KiLo11

    KiLo11 Well-Known Member


    -i dont believe u can do that without rooting but i havent seen it done on any other device
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  3. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    to your first question, god I wish there was. Coming from my G1 it sucks to have to hit that button. I like the slide unlock.
  4. JMD

    JMD Well-Known Member

    I think there are some apps that can help you with #1.

    Here are some apps to try (The incredible guys said they had some bugs but they may be worth a try):

    No Lock - Android app on AppBrain

    Lock 2.0 - Limited Demo - Android app on AppBrain

    Lock 2.0 - Full - Android app on AppBrain

    #2 - I looked around the incredible forum (they had a few threads with the same question) and didn't find a solution. Although they did say hitting the menu button did the same as sliding so that makes it slightly easier i guess.
  5. GuySmily

    GuySmily Newbie

    I find this really irritating too. Unfortunately, it seems like the Incredible guys have the same problem, and nobody knows any way to make it pattern-unlock only.

    Link: http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/70117-getting-rid-swiping-unlock-screen.html

    How do we get in touch with HTC to tell them to fix this?

    The funniest part is that I was trying to make my iPhone look more like an Android, so I got rid of the swipe-unlock in exchange for an android-style pattern-unlock. Now I have a real Android phone, but I can't get rid of the iPhone-style swipe-unlock.
  6. wase4711

    wase4711 Android Expert

    use no-lock; end of problem...

    you will have to touch either the volume rocker or the power button to wake it up.
    or just set the screen to "never off" and the phone will never sleep

    on the Incredble, you could touch the "menu button" if you had no-lock installed to wake the phone up; on the EVO, you have to touch the volume rocker or the power button..

    I dont like this either, and I am sure someone will write a software program to change this; until then, no-lock is the answer to the problem
  7. GuySmily

    GuySmily Newbie

    No-lock turns off BOTH the swipe and the pattern. I want to keep the pattern unlock. I guess patience is key.

    Or I'll have to learn how to develop software for the Android.

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