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WakeVoice : New original Alarm Clock

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ADNFX Mobile, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    I'm here to present you a new android app available both on LITE (trial) and FULL version. Its name? WakeVoice. But, what's so original about it?

    Description :
    WakeVoice will quickly become your best friend when awakening. In fact, your alarm clock will never be as before. The fun, the joy and the pleasure will seem natural now in early morning. To obtain that, you can rely on many features including the innovative and particularly significant voice features. Indeed, via speech synthesis (tts), your alarm clock will speak to you. It will announce customize message, weather forecast and latest news. Furthermore, due to the enability of voice recognition, you will be able to stop the alarm clock directly from your bed without touching your phone and only by your voice. For instance, saying "STOP" when alarm is ringing will easily stop it. Adding services currently available (weather, news) and many more to come (horoscope, ephemeris, MP3 playlists, radio, calendar, night mode, and others) WakeVoice truly becomes the complete and ultimate alarm clock you lacked. A major addition will remain the high level of customization possible. Whether the number of alarms (unlimited), days of programming, chime, buzzer, the maximum number of snooze and much more, everything is fully customizable by your care! And little more is embodied by the skins and other unlockable bonus in the application via "Easter Egg" or specific actions.

    Screenshots :






    Coming very soon :
    So many features will be upgrading WakeVoice to make it your favourite app!
    - Your own keywords for voice recognition
    - Your own RSS news feed for speech synthesis
    - New features : horoscope, ephemeris, MP3 playlists and others
    - And many more to come!


    QR Codes :
    Lite (Trial):

    Full :

    More information :
    Website : WakeVoice - Un r

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert


    I think it's only fair that developers spell out their pay structure at the initial release of the app (even in the beta stage).

    So, what exactly is the lite version? Will it be a time trial that expires after x days? Will it work at all or what features will it disable?
  3. dfine1966

    dfine1966 Newbie

    Sounds interesting. What type of Trial version is it? Does it work with Sprint EVO 4G with Froyo(2.2)? What version Android does it work with? Does it do landscape or just portrait?
  4. Stupifier

    Stupifier Android Enthusiast

    Most interesting (and original) thing about this app to me is the speak back ability. Being able to just tell your phone to snooze or stop the alarm by speaking is pretty handy....although maybe not the best for the reluctant-to-wake-people. I can see so many just saying "stop" over and over again and sleeping through everything LOL
  5. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your comment.
    The LITE version is a "trial" with all the FULL version features. It has a "number of uses limitation".

    It indeed works with Evo 4G (2.2) according to some users. We strongly recommend a 2.1 minimum version. However, the app can run on 1.5 but it's not sure that you can enjoy voice recognition or text to speech features. As for 1.6, it seems to work good but we recommend 2.1+.
    For now it's just portrait :eek: (I know for the kickback with Evo 4G...)

    The speak back ability is great indeed. The voice recognition need some work for some phones that don't react as well as the others.
  6. dfine1966

    dfine1966 Newbie

    To ADNFX Mobile,

    I am not sure if you can correct this, but the time is only in military time, i.e 13:00, instead of 1:00 PM. I am in the United States and we usually use AM or PM. Can you add a setting for 12 hour or 24 hour.

    I am using a Sprint EVO 4G with 2.2(FROYO) stock version.

    I am testing the Trial Version of WakeVoice.
  7. LegZ

    LegZ Lurker

    To dfine1966,

    Thank you for your message. We take note of your comment and keep it in mind for future improvements.

    LegZ from the ADNFX Mobile Team
  8. steelersmb

    steelersmb Android Enthusiast

    I have an EVO 4G. How do I get it to announce the news and weather? I have the options checked to do so. Do you have to say a command?
  9. LegZ

    LegZ Lurker

    To steelersmb,
    No need to say a command, normally. You just have to say "STOP".
  10. steelersmb

    steelersmb Android Enthusiast

    It's not working then. I get the news and weather to show up but it doesn't announce anything other than the sound of the alarm. It is checked to announce and when I do a test, the tests pass in the settings menu. I know other programs work fine with TTS.
  11. LegZ

    LegZ Lurker

    Check your Private Message. :)
  12. timmmah.l

    timmmah.l Member

    This sounds awesome! Not that I use my alarm that much, but if i could set it to say personalised messages, maybe it could motivate me to get out of bed :p


    1: In description is says voice recognition will be used to say stop in order to stop or snooze alarm. Will there be a feature where voice recognition will be used to ask it "Whats the weather for today?" or "Whats todays agenda" and have it read back the weather or whats in my calender for the day?

    Either way that could be a future update to look into, slowly designing our own personal "J.A.R.V.I.S"
  13. LegZ

    LegZ Lurker

    @timmmah.l :
    Thanks for your comment. Have you tried WakeVoice already?
    For now, voice recognition provided by Google is not efficient enough, but we hope this feature will be possible in the future. :)
  14. timmmah.l

    timmmah.l Member

    Haha I did in fact use it this morning, and it recognised my murmurs surprisingly well! Is there another database you could use for the voice recognition? I find google is pretty good with recognising my voice, being an aussie, as long as the sentences dont get too long.

    Have you tried Edwin? That personal butler program? It works epically well, can do calculations and read them back, find the closest store your looking for, get directions, open apps, etc pretty amazing and the voice recognition is immaculate. I've been fiddling around with its translation where you speak something in english and ask it to translate to german and works perfectly. I'm not sure if it also uses googles database but somehow works better than google voice.

    But if saying snooze or stop works, maybe setting it up so you can say weather or agenda, for it to read out the weather or your daily duties..... BUT! I'm by far no programmer, so I have absolutely no idea how hard it would be to set something like this up. Im just throwing up suggestions which I think could be cool.

    Currently I've got Vlingo installed as I find it has best voice recognition for calling contacts and sending text messages etc. Edwin for a bit of fun with translations, dictionary meanings, where the closest whatever is etc and WakeVoice for the authentic alarm. I'll be rooting for all three to team up and create one unbelievable set up where all I have to do is long press search, and be able to say set alarm for 8:30 am, or find the nearest subway, or translate this or that to whatever language all from one program!

    UNTIL THEN! I will definately be following your updates, as I love this alarm already! Bloody fantastic work!!
  15. LegZ

    LegZ Lurker

    Thanks for your comment. Great to know you like the app. We improve the voice recognition for the next release ;)

    LegZ - Co-founder of WakeVoice
  16. timmmah.l

    timmmah.l Member

    Been using this for the past couple of weeks and think its pretty damn awesome. Would probably be even better if you could some how use the second microphone on phones like the nexus one to get rid of the alarm sound as the voice recognition detects the alarm and then takes a few seconds to reopen the voice recognition again. Which can get a tad annoying sometimes if you try say stop whilst the voice reco box is saying nothing detected...... but I'm sure its hard to program something like that.

    However I did notice that even though it detects the alarm, it will also detect my murmed stop when i pretty much whisper it, and stops it immediately which I was quite surprised, as I expected to have to shout at it :p

    Only problem I've found so far, maybe its just me not seeing it in settings but the alarm pretty much starts off slow and almost immediately goes to maximum volume. I love the sound of the birds, however at full volume it kind of gets irritating, especially since I'm not a heavy sleeper. Would be good to have a setting for the alarm to ascend in volume over a certain amount of time!
  17. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi timmmah.l,

    Thanks for your replies ;)

    I've just finished a new WakeVoice version (1.5 whereas it's currently 1.1 on Market). This version fixes a lot of US phones issues. Indeed, we've seen that US phones have bugs that european phones haven't :mad:. We hope that the majority of them will be fixed with this new version coming in a very few time on the Market. There are also new options coming on it like AM/PM mode for US people ;).

    It's a pleasure to see that you've really enjoyed the app! With the new version, the alarm ringtone is no more a problem. Indeed, you can choose to mute it only during voice recognition. As for the volume, it's also fixed in the new incoming version. In options, you can choose the one you want. Therefore, you've got two types of volumes. The one when there is no voice recognition box and the one with it (voice recognition box).

    I hope you'll enjoy this new version :D .... coming in a very few time ... wait a little more ....
  18. sanchezero

    sanchezero Newbie


    vibator, heh. :D

    just snagged the trial - sounds very cool.
  19. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    loooool Vibrator :D:p

    Did you enjoy the LITE/TRIAL version? It's the old one. If you have an issue, it's normal :eek::( .... the new LITE/TRIAL and FULL versions are coming in a few hours with some improvements and a lot of bugs fixed..... :D
  20. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    Great app! I have been looking for a good alarm clock to replace the stock one
  21. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi MarcMaiden,

    I saw that you had a Samsung Captivate. At first launch you'll get a "Force close" and then all will work. It's an issue that had been fixed with th new version that is coming in a very few time. It's due to the Samsung's ROM that replace the SD card for internal storage ... we discovered it with Captivate and HTC Aria that both have this feature ....

    ... you can also wait a few hours to get the fixed version ;)

    Anyway, thanks for your message :cool:
    MarcMaiden likes this.
  22. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the reply,

    No Force close here :) It is working great. I really recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a nice alarm clock.

    a cool feature for future updates would be some alarm sounds you recommend!

  23. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It's great news !

    Thanks for your supportive message! I hope that your mornings will be better than before due to this app :p

    If you have features to request, don't hesitate. We have a very long todo-list but we're listening to WakeVoice's users to satisfy them ;)
  24. ADNFX Mobile

    ADNFX Mobile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    A new version (1.5.1) has come to the Market to fix a few bugs. Enjoy it ! :D
  25. muab

    muab Android Enthusiast

    Okay...I have to try it too....


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