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Wall charging vs PC usb charging.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Zardos, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does it effect battery life in anyway?

    Also, a bit of rage.
    4G scanning...
    Connecting to Sprint
    4G scanning...
    Connecting to Sprint
    4G scanning...

  2. apollooff320

    apollooff320 Well-Known Member

    wall charging is way faster then PC charging. That's about it.
  3. TheBlackPrince

    TheBlackPrince Well-Known Member

    yeah i would think the amount of electricity the wall outputs would be much greater than a pc charge. Sometimes the USB port doesn't put out enough electricity for you to charge and use the phone at the same time.
  4. iamfunkyz

    iamfunkyz Member

    My 4g coverage outdoors in Chicago over the last couple of days has been pretty good but for the last couple hours now its been doing that. I turned on the 4g notification and it keeps popping up but never connects...just keeps bouncing between "scanning" and "connecting to Sprint." Kinda glad to know I'm not the only one.
  5. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    tbh on the charging over usb they are the same if u are using the rear ports on your pc and they are atleast usb2.0 ports. ps make sure u have it set for charge mode.
  6. taiguy

    taiguy Member

    didn't check the evo's charger but most of the wall warts these days put out 1000 mA at 5v as opposed to your PC's usb port which does 500 mA at 5v.
  7. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member

    Wall charge is super fast!
  8. fiskadoro

    fiskadoro Well-Known Member

    Yep, same here. Was great up until later on Sunday evening when it kept doing the same thing. Seems back to normal this morning though. I usually only have one "bar" in my apartment (which the phone considers as "fair" in Settings) but I get a good 4-6 Mb/s down on the web-based Speakeasy speed tests, which is nothing to be ashamed of!
  9. rachdanon

    rachdanon Lurker

    Perhaps I could piggyback a question. USB charging wouldn't require the additional step to hit the 'safely remove hardware' button right? I read that's only for disconnecting data connections.
  10. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member

    When you plug in your phone to a PC, it's going to ask you what kind of connection you want. If you are doing "Charge Only" then there's no need to dismount the device before unplugging it.

    Even if you're doing "Disk drive", as a PC systems admin for a number of years, I've found that you can generally unplug most USB devices without dismounting them fairly safely. Windows is smart enough to know not to cache data on a USB storage device. So, as long as you're not actively writing/reading data at the time you unplug it then you're probably going to be fine.

    Disclaimer: Not responsible if doing this completely bricks your phone :D
  11. rachdanon

    rachdanon Lurker

    Got it thanks! :)
  12. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Android Enthusiast

    YES, there is a difference.

    Over the lifetime of your battery, charging it on USB at the slower charge rate due to lower current is going to be healthier for your battery. Every time your battery heats up or gets completely discharged (called deep cycling) it will diminish its ability to hold a charge even if it is a miniscule amount.

    It does not matter if the battery gets hot from being left in a hot car, from heavy use (this is why some apps have a battery temp indicator) or from charging it very quickly... heat damages its capacity.

    Even though it is a very small amount, every time you charge your battery it will heat it up slightly and the higher the current you use to charge it (and quicker it charges) the higher the temp will get. Sure after 10 or 20 charges there is no difference, but over the life of the battery at 1000 charges it WILL make a difference how you charge it.

    These batteries will last longest if you just give them little spurts of charge here and there and keep them between 40 and 60 percent charge capacity. They do not have a memory and the only reason to fully charge and discharge is for your own convenience or so that the phone can learn the high and low voltages over time to more accurately display the battery percentage meter. Hope this helps!

    Seeing as the battery life is the biggest issue on this phone it is important to make sure everyone understands how these things work.
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  13. railgunner

    railgunner Lurker

    Your PC's USB ports are current limited to a much lower level than you will get out of the wall adapter. The amount of current you can input to the battery determines how long it will take to charge. The charging circuit in the phone itself is capable of determining the current is is being given and will adjust the charging of the battery appropriately.
  14. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    Interesting. A guy at a battery replacement shop told me the exact opposite. Of course, he could have just been trying to sell me an extra wall charger.

    He claimed though that charging it from the wall was healthier for the battery.

    Lots of misinformation out there on battery memory, etc though it seems.
  15. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Android Enthusiast

    Since batteries are so cheap, I wouldn't worry about usb vs wall charging even if it takes a little life with it everytime.
  16. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Android Enthusiast

    That guy was flat out wrong... if he is in the business of selling batteries and chargers, then he is probably the wrong guy to ask. ;)

    Everyone with a laptop or cellphone that is should READ THIS:
    How to prolong lithium-based batteries
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  17. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Android Enthusiast

    P.S. The quick charger that comes with those two TP2 or Hero batteries on ebay for $12 is even faster than the stock wallcharger. It is providing so much current that messes up my touchscreen and no longer allows it to operate when plugged in. I will only be using it to charge the batteries individually and not using the usb wire to charge the battery in the phone from this thing. Just thought I would pass out that info to all of those that have purchased or are thinking about purchasing,
  18. FYI, the amperage a charger pushed out has nothing to do with that. It's the circuitry in the phone that determines how much current is drawn from the power supply. You could feed it 5000mA, and the phone would still draw a max of 1000ma.
  19. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Android Enthusiast

    regardless of circuitry, it incapacitates my capacitive touchscreen and is the only charger to do it... (pun intended) :)
  20. MiDri

    MiDri Newbie

    Charge speed depends on mA or A rating of the charger.

    Usb is rated at a unit load of 150mA (however you can pull up to 500mA from 1 USB port)

    the Stock EVO charger is a 1a charger (1000mA)

    TL/DR you want a 1amp (5v) charger for fastest charging.

    !! UPDATE !!
    Fast charger (Stock EVO) *My iPhone3g 220AC->5vDC usb convert that came with is also 1amp

    Slow Charger (Stock BlueAnt Q1)
  21. yellot00tr

    yellot00tr Newbie

    Can someone explain this for me-i have 2 usb car chargers, using the same micro usb cord. One says 500ma and will charge my evo. The other one says 1000ma and wont charge the phone. A generic 880ma wall charger wont charge it either, but the oem bb tour & palm pre charger work fine. The 880ma generix charges the bb tour without a prob. Was under the impression that we needed the charger with 1000ma, but I checked like 9 times to make sure that I was using the 1000ma in the car. It charges the iphone without a prob.

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