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wallet holseter for cased EVO?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Huntergatherer, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Huntergatherer

    Thread Starter

    I have an EVO 4G and would like a holster that will hold my body glove cased phone and has a slot for a credit card. I purchased one on ebay but it will only fit a naked phone. If the holster's side were elastic or it was 2mm thicker it would be a perfect fit. I tried stretching the holster but it takes too long to pull the phone out of the holster. Any ideas for me like using another similar sized phone case? Maybe there are lower profile cases than the body glove? Thanks.

  2. alantwm

    alantwm Lurker

    I created my own belt loop holster case from an old Garmin Nuvi 680 case. I used black shoestring for the belt loop. It fits my Evo WITH the Seidio Innocase II with perfect snugness, so it'll probably work for your BodyGlove case. Plus, it has a built-in credit card slot. It's worked out really well. Here's a picture:

    Evo case on Twitpic

    Looks like there are a ton of these on Ebay; e.g.:

    NEW - GARMIN BRANDED NUVI 670, 680, 750 LEATHER CASE - eBay (item 320571200682 end time Sep-03-10 15:51:10 PDT)

  3. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    I've been looking for something similar, though more of a case and wallet in one... Something black leather...

    Well, I drew it up in MS Paint:

    Attached Files:

  4. v01rider

    v01rider Android Expert

    why not just mod a day planner to work? i am hoping that you will not carry said "wallet" in your back pocket.
  5. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    Too much effort to mod one. :pWe used to have something like this back from the early Palm days (when they were just PDAs, black and grey HUGE pixel screens).

    I don't carry anything in my back pockets.
  6. J03

    J03 Android Enthusiast

    Found exactly this for a different thread. Quoted below:


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  7. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    Rock on J03! Time to read them reviews..

    Hmm looks like the top part being flimsy is a nono for me. Guess I'll be sticking to a normal case then!
  8. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    Looks like the one I drew up does exist (mostly)!

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  9. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

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