Help Wallpaper Frustration

I just got this phone tonight and I love everything about it except that I can't get any pictures to fit as a fullscreen wallpaper. It wants me to pick this little square of the pictre and then it blows that up and makes a horrible looking wallpaper.

I thought maybe the resolution was just wrong so I tried using a picture I took with the camera...same problem. So I looked up the screens resolution and downloaded a picture of those exact dimensions...same problem. I must be doing something wrong because surely such an awesome piece of technology couldn't possibly be missing such a basic function...right?


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you have to be careful how you do it or it will blow up. You stretch the square to be as big as it can be then hit save.
OK, I too was having that problem. When I read this thread I went to a picture and tried several times to stretch it, Nothing!! Then one of my fingers magically landed on the orange lines and WALAA! arrows showed up! and I was able to stretch it. I was trying to stretch it from the middle out. I feel like an idiot. Oh well wouldn't be the first time :D


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yup first time i tried to set a picture as wallpaper i was yelling at my phone in frustration.

im sure you guys are aware of it but zedge in the market is great app for getting all kinds of awesome hq wallpapers (and it has ringtones too) from nature settings, android wallpapers, etc.


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One good thing to keep in mind is that the dimensions for a scrolling wallpaper on the phone is actually 960x800. There's also a thread here where some Fascinate owners are sharing their current wallpapers/themes (as well as a main theme-sharing thread over in the Theme section).