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Wallpaper keeps changing on its own

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redhairedcwgirl71, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. redhairedcwgirl71

    Thread Starter

    Note 8.0 tablet,  Androud 4.4.2 operating system. Keeps resetting the wallpaper to the preloaded one attached. I have changed it to one of the other preloaded options and if I shut down the tablet, the next time I boot up, it's gone back to this one. Any ideas?


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  2. ilovethebeach

    ilovethebeach Well-Known Member

    Maybe it does that because when it opens the wallpaper will change.. go back to the app and look at the settings
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 4.4.2? AFAIK that phone should be on Oreo 8.x

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