Wallpaper oddity Nexus 7 (2013)


I got my nexus 7 a few weeks ago and the system update to 4.4 came through almost immediately, so I don't know if this was an issue before that or not.

When I set a picture from my gallery as the wallpaper in landscape orientation everything's fine, when I move the device to portrait the wallpaper is resized as if expect, but when I flip it back to landscape the image size doesn't revert. This leaves the image about 20% bigger than it should be.

Anyone know why, or how I can force it to revert to the original size?
Mine is doing this also (4.4.2). First, it's fine in landscape. Then it rotates to portrait and looks fine (stays OK in portrait). When I rotate to landscape again, it's zoomed in weird way, and it stays that way.
Just in case anyone finds this thread and is still wondering, after the normal tech support stuff (restart, clear cache, blah blah) didn't resolve this issue, here's what Google tech support told me:
"I apologize for this issue and I've forwarded your findings to our engineers for further investigation. As soon as I hear back from our team, I'll follow up with you.

Another options that may help is using Google Image search to try a couple different similar pictures and see if you have a problem with them as well [note: I did]. Other than that, your best option for issue resolution is to wait for Android to issue an update that addresses this specific issue. As I stated above, our engineers have been made aware of your issue and it will be something that will be addressed in future Android OS updates. This is the advantage of having a Nexus device as you will receive the Android OS updates before anyone else. "


What solved it for me is that the wallpaper must be a perfect square preferably 1920 x 1920. And do not move the wallpaper while applying. After that, it works fine both in landscape and portrait.