Help wallpaper trouble-noob question

sorry im kinda new with this....
when i try to select a wallpaper i have to select a portion of the wallpaper even if its a 320X480 size pic...anyway i can avoid it ?....


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its tht when i try to select a a wallpapers the phone can only display a portion of the wallpaper and not the whole thing even if its the correct resolution for the screen...any way i can display the whole wallpaper ?


As far as I know, your legend is an upgrade of my hero, the screen should be the same.

When you select an image for a wallpaper, does a green frame appear on the image, try dragging the edges of this frame outwards to maximise the area used for the wallpaper
Doesnt the wallpaper wrap around all the home screens...

So when you scroll over the to left ro right home screen, you will see more or your wallpaper...

So basically, the wallpaper is bigger than the visible screen, but when you scroll through to get to other apps/widgits etc, it reveals more of the homescreen. Stops it looking static and increases a fluid motion. looks good imo