Wallpaper Utilities [App][Tools/Personalization][Free][Android 2.3+]

Hey guys! Set Wallpapers the way YOU like them! Check out my app and if you find it useful, let me know what you think about it :)

Download now
You can find it on Google Play Store by searching for "wallpaperutilities" (without space) or "bigyetifoot"

1. No Wallpaper option
2. Separate Lockscreen wallpaper
3. Change wallpapers automatically or manually from custom album of images (includes a widget)
4. Scrollable or Non-scrollable wallpapers (includes a widget)
5. Rotate and Crop the image exactly as you want while setting wallpapers
6. Image Position (Fill / Fit / Stretch) to specify how images that don't fit the required size are handled
7. Support for phones as well as tablets

PRO Features:
1. Pick any color of choice for No Wallpaper
2. Create multiple albums for Wallpaper Changer and switch among them easily
3. Up to 4 different Scroll / No Scroll wallpapers which are set based on device orientation and scroll / no scroll preference (Scrollable wallpapers and orientation change need to be supported by the home launcher)
4. No Ads