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Wallpapers...Please Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tansey, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Tansey

    Tansey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, please forgive me if this has been discussed before, I didn't see any similar threads in the Ascend forum.

    Ok, so, I just got upgraded to the Huawei Ascend M860 on Friday through Cricket Wireless. I absolutely LOVE the phone; it's my first Smart Phone and I'm having a blast with it. However, I'm huge when it comes to personalizing and it seems every single wallpaper app I download, every wallpaper I set is sooooo zoomed in on my screen and looks like utter crap. A few times, the wallpaper actually looked normal, then upon rebooting my phone, it went back to being zoomed in. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this (resizing and emailing myself the pic back, different apps..omg, I've tried SOOO many wallpaper apps), nothing works!

    Please, is there anything I can do? I've resorted to using a wallpaper app that just has plain, solid colors for wallpapers, but I really like abstract backgrounds and there's so many beautiful ones offered from apps. I really don't want to end up hating this phone because of wallpapers! I'll try anything to fix this.

    Thank you.

    Edited to add: I know other Ascend owners have this same problem as I've searched Google what seems like a bajillion times for information on how to fix this. I've even tried calling both Huawei and Cricket, but I keep getting disconnected (ever since Cricket signed on with Sprint a few weeks ago, both my husband and I have awful service in our area, but that's a rant for another thread lol). I know the problem has to do with the wallpapers in the apps not being the correct size for my screen, but I'm just desperate to try and fix this so any help offered is greatly appreciated.

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  2. JJ_

    JJ_ Newbie

    By zoomed do you mean its kinda pixelly(?) or the wallpaper quality turns to crap?

    Maybe you should try a different launcher. Launcher Pro seems to be the favorite 'round these parts, but I would recommend ADW.Launcher because THATS HOW I ROLL. xD

    You can try to get a wallpaper with higher resolution like a 640x960 or even a 1280x1440
    But of course that would scroll the wallpaper..
    If you dont want your wallpaper scrolled and youre looking for a fixed wallpaper, then I think youd prolly have to start off with a wallpaper with high resolution and resize it to 320x480..

    Hope this helped.
  3. Tansey

    Tansey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    JJ, I was just browsing this forum and I came across http://androidforums.com/huawei-ascend/225487-wallaper-problem.html which recommended Laucher Pro as well. I had tried Panda Home when I first got my phone and didn't like it at all (I really like the default quick launch icons at the bottom of the phone). So, I decided to try Launcher Pro and it's quick launch buttons at the bottom of the screen are almost the same as the default. After downloading Launcher Pro, I set one of my custom wallpapers and voila! Fixed!

    This forum has saved me soooo much aggravation over this issue. Thank you so much to everyone here! Now I can use my beautiful abstract wallpapers! *does a happy dance*
  4. JJ_

    JJ_ Newbie

    *does a happier dance*

    YAY! I love when people's questions get answered!
  5. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    As people here have stated, Launcher Pro is the answer. Also, the wallpaper looking like crap is not a problem. It is a tradeoff for the vertical scrolling capabilities, which is not a part of stock Android. Huawei modified it and added the vertical scrolling and in order to do that, they had to zoom in on the picture so the phone will have somewere to move up and down. The reason why Launcher Pro fixes this "problem" is because it doesn't have vertical scrolling. So it's not really a problem since it was intended by Huawei. It is merely a manufacturer customization that not many people like the effects of, like me and you.
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  6. Tansey

    Tansey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You're telling me! Before I got the Ascend, my only experience with electronics like that was an iTouch (which I don't need anymore since I've gotten the Ascend). My husband has had a Kyocera Zio since October and I didn't really like it because the screen scrolling wasn't as smooth as my iTouch so I was pretty against getting any type of Android phone, thinking all the screens were like his. But now, I'm so glad I got my Ascend, as the ability to customize everything is awesome and something most Apple products don't offer. That's why this wallpaper issue was such a big deal to me, lol.

    This is the first time in a long time I've received help by going to a forum and, again, I'm so grateful. I'll definitely be sticking around so I can learn more about my new phone :)

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