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Walmart is now excepting pre-orders.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spider055, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. spider055

    spider055 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If you did not pre-order your Evo from BB or RS Walmart is now taking pre-orders....... Have fun and order away!!!!! Power to the Evo...

  2. dandm4life

    dandm4life Android Enthusiast

    In store? They have been taking online preorders for weeks...
  3. Rob_A

    Rob_A Android Expert

    I wonder if 24hour Wallymarts will begin to sell theirs are 12am Friday morning.
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  4. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    Excepting eh? I'm not following ;)
  5. spider055

    spider055 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was just looking online at work and saw it..... Not sure in store!!!
  6. leastbay

    leastbay Member

    the phone is showing up as $299 for add a line and upgrade prices???????????


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  7. The Wally's in the Chicago area don't sell Sprint :mad: Just AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile.
  8. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    LOL. Except they have to accept them before they can expect them to be accepted.
  9. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    Programming jargon:

    try {
    if (evo.availableBBPreOrder()) {
    } else if (evo.availableRSPreOrder()) {
    } else {
    } catch (AvailAtWalmartException e) {
    return WooHoo;

    ok i tried :)
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  10. Joppie

    Joppie Well-Known Member

  11. watzone69

    watzone69 Member

    "God, grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change..."
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  12. jellyjamz

    jellyjamz Newbie

    Very nice! haha this made my day. I guess instead of e.WooHoo(); i would say: return "WooHoo"; I'm a beginner programmer and I found this very clever.
  13. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    nice addition.. i'll modify my post :)
  14. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    ahhh my kind of language.. I can read that ... my life is sad isn't it LOL :D
  15. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

  16. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    You think you're life is sad reading it? I'm the one that thought it was funny and wrote it haha... And of all things i used c# (.net blah)...

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