want a waterproof thunderbolt?


I was thinking that if enough people contacted the company lifeproof requesting a waterproof case for thunderbolt they might make them. Worth a try i think.

As far as i know there isnt another company like lifeproof


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LOL, its a cool idea, but not something i would use. if i ever felt like i would need a waterproof phone, i wouldn't have bought this one.


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:D Done that before, and will again.

Of course there have been those times I was like I wish I could toss my phone in the toilet but it isn't waterproof. :rolleyes:

I really can't think of a time that I would need a waterproof phone where I couldn't put in plastic bag and be okay. In fact I have one in my desk right now incase it is raining when I get off work and need to protect my phone on my ride home.


Actually that wouldn't be half bad at all. You would just have to find a company that markets a waterproof bluetooth headset and you'd be golden with that ziplock.