Want an unique android app for my Computer Science final year project :)

Hey, I am a final year student of B tech. I want to make an android app which would be unique in itself. I have some ideas for such an app:-

1) An app which would have two parts, one which is installed on the client, and other which would be in our hand. The app on the client side would be in full control of the app which we have. We can take pics through the camera of the client without the prior permission of him/her, and could see that pic through the help of our app. This will work some what like a spy.

2)An app which will send the location of the user to another user of that app through the help of GPS. I mean, the value lattitudes and longitudes could be send on another phone and with help of the map present in that phone, we could see the location of the latter one visually.

If there are any better ideas, then please tell me... and it would be of great help if you provide me with the source code of your suggested app :D