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Want CM12.1 or any other AOSP Lollipop ROM?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OneShotGoGetter, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi LG F6 Community, are you craving the sweet taste of Lollipop OS on your LG F6? Well I'll tell you that I do, and to be honest I do not have the intelligence and resources to compile a build let alone one that'll boot. I assume that most of you are on the same boat, right? Well I have good news for those of you, we could get development revived and probably Lollipop AOSP ROMs (and possibly Marshmallow too once source is released). However, the dilemma is the hard working devs have seemed to vanish... WRONG. @Dm47021 a wonderful dev for the F6 (Composed CarbonRom 4.4.4 with fixes and was working on Cm12 until Hus girlfriend threw away all his phones :() is more than welcome and ready to get us CM12.1 but needs an F6 to do so. Also, amazing developer @MikeHoncho (works of many low end phones have been hugely contributed by him such as the LG L70 and LG Leon) is currently adjusting a kernel to CM12.1 configuration, however he is doing this from source and its VERY difficult for him to do so without actually having the device. So to sum this up: Two amazing developers are more than willing to help get us CM12.1 and other AOSP Lollipop ROMs. However, are limited in resources.

    If any one has a spare LG F6 please PM me ASAP so the developers can get a hold of it and start reviving this phone

    If you don't have an extra F6 and want Lollipop goodness you can donate via PayPal to this email:

    ALL donations will be put towards the purchase of 2 LG F6s probably on eBay so be sure to donate.

    Donation Tracker: $0.26

    Screenshot_2015-09-07-22-16-24-1.png download (1).jpg Screenshot_2015-09-07-22-39-47.png


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  2. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
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    Don't know how to donate via Paypal?
    1. Login to PayPal
    2. Go to "Send & Request"
    3. Go to "Send money to friends and family"
    4. Enter: lgf6devdonations@gmail.com (if you want shout out leave Androidforums name in notes)
    5. Embrace your achievement oh making Lollipop closer to obtain :D
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  3. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
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  4. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
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    All you need is a PayPal account with a real phone number that can receive texts that you can access! Once you have that go here
    https://www.freeeats.com sign up wait til dollar is on your PayPal and donate to help get Lollipop. If we get 40 people to do this and donate we could get one phone :D.

    Even if you don't have this phone if you do this and donate the LG F6 Community will be much appreciated
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  5. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Android Expert

    WOW this is pretty sweet
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  6. MikeHoncho

    MikeHoncho Android Enthusiast

    I am nowhere near "amazing" yet lol. I'm decent with device trees and that is all. Still learning kernel work

    Edit: As of now, cash dontions are useless since I cannot accept them on PayPal (no bank linked)
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  7. MikeHoncho

    MikeHoncho Android Enthusiast

    @Dm47021 now would be a good time to join IRC if you want. Got stuck with an error (I can usually figure out every error)
  8. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bro don't put yourself down you are amazing and anyway donations raised will be go towards a f6 that I purchase and send to your address probably thru eBay so all is good no bank needed
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  9. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    DONATIONS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED!!! AN AMAZING DONOR NAMED @Tokenpoke has 2 LG F6s that he is donating to development. If you want to donate to developers you still can :D
  10. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Sending out my old devices this weekend.
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  11. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The F6 Community thanks you
  12. JR44

    JR44 Member

    @Tokenpoke you are the best dude! I was trying to get another tmobile phone off of craigslist so I could donate my f6 but it looks like it won't be needed!!
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  13. Rondeau7

    Rondeau7 Well-Known Member

    Let me know if you need a tester. I have fully functional F6 that just needs a new ext-card.
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  14. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Android Expert

    i had started on cm12 before, but never could get it to fully boot, i did get boot animation but thats it
  15. luisrb

    luisrb Newbie

    @Dm47021 why not start? sorry my english , i am spanish
  16. luisrb

    luisrb Newbie

  17. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    this is for ms500 (metro PCs) and T-Mobile (D500) but I have metro PCs one
  18. luisrb

    luisrb Newbie

    you can not also do to d505?
  19. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes we could take the Ds505 :) your donation would be much appreciated
  20. OneShotGoGetter

    OneShotGoGetter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    does everything work?
  21. luisrb

    luisrb Newbie

    perfect, could be beta tester, no problem
  22. jem waters

    jem waters Lurker

    omg! lollipop ☺❤ ive been waiting hey i got a few suggestions i really think you should make it stable as possible not like cm11 on the f6 where you have the black screen and other bugs you should also work on the battery life carbon rom had some terrible battery life i cant wait!
  23. Flablitz

    Flablitz Android Enthusiast

    Not trying to be rude, so please do not take this wrong. The developer's worked hard on CM11 to make it as stable as possible. Bugs come with all new ROMs, so if this does happen (Have not seen a definitive answer whether or not it has been started or will ever start development for a 5.x.x ROM) it will have bugs. That means possible random reboots, "black screens", call issues, camera issues, ect. Then again maybe not... The F6 has always had a strong community, but then again, a lot of phones have come out since this one. It has actually come quite far from the stock 4.1.2 stock ROM, especially with the tightly locked phone it began as. I've owned 3 seperate ones myself. The one I have nowbis my backup from when I lost my ZTE Maxx. I will say that it has its up and downs. All 3 screens broke easy even with a case, the 1.27gb of stock internal memory (fixable, but...) Charging port on all 3 becomes very lose, cord just falls out. On other hand it is a nice phone with potential. I seen ya say something about carbons battery. I listen to Pandora through auxiliary port on radio at work all day. (9:30@m-6:00pm) text, use web, calculator, flashlight and camera here and there. I usually end up at the house around 6:20pm with around 25-45% left which really isn't bad considering. All in all, I took a adderall and i am just psychobabbling lol. I hope for the best, but understand any final decision about this. Also, can we get a little update on how things are going? I seen a few devs got some phones to work on, so was just curious...
  24. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Hey guys.

    I feel really bad but....

    I must have already sent out the phones and forgotten about it. I've searched my whole house and couldn't find them, I'm really sorry for the false alarm.
    OneShotGoGetter was on point in contacting me when he saw a post in a completely unrelated thread so props to that *ucker though.

    I really wish (s?)he had contacted me earlier because I guess Not much progress has been made since I mailed off my phones but que sara sara, not their fault.
    If you want I am willing to buy a test device for yall, providing I get proof that an actual effort is being taken to fix this pos. Apparently one person has gotten two free phones and nothing has changed since I've been here so It would be nice to know that they aren't getting sold or thrown in drawers. Nothing against y'all but this isn't the first time that I sent out old devices to hackers only to find they got hawked.

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