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Want stock Framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk Of ninja 4.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gta, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. gta

    gta Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hello Ninja 4.0 users !
    As a Micromax Brand user I want to help and create things for their other phones too !

    I just want Your Stock Framework-res.apk as well as the stock SystemUI.apk of micromax a87 .
    Then just wait for my surprise :D:D . PM Me if anybody is interested.


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  2. venu238

    venu238 Newbie

    Waiting for your surprise!!!!

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  3. gta

    gta Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that :)
  4. venu238

    venu238 Newbie

    when will you release????
  5. gta

    gta Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Maybe today :)
  6. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Member

    Pm...done !
  7. hemanth

    hemanth Member

    count me toooo
  8. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Member

    I know what ur upto :p
    PM me too GTA

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