Apps Want to create Simple Android App for my responsive website

Hi Folks,

I have website which Responsive, I Only need mobile apps for my site,so user can download .apk and iphone app from store and browse through app,

I have tried AppsGeyser but problem is its showing powered by AppsGeyser and also 50% ads commission, I don't want to use ads there, I just simple need to open website inside apps,

AppsGeyser is doing great ,only issue with powred by link, Is there any way/easy tutorial to create new app for my website ?

My website: qatarcommunity com Its compatible with every Mobile and tablet already


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Easiest, fastest and onliest way to create an app at the moment - learn app programming. That means learning the Android environment, Java and, in your case, how a website works (internally) and how to interact with it.

There's no quick way to learn what it takes years to learn. If you have to use an app that creates apps, you have to accept the advertising and the cost.