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want to delete perso 2.2, as i am now root, but what the hell is the perso 2.2 app?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SGS2, Sep 7, 2011.

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    after owning a captivate over a year, i finally grew a pair, and rooted.

    i loved murdering the bloatware and stupid crap apps i do not use, be they from samsung or at&t.

    anyway, what the hell is perso 2.2?

    i googled it for over an hour, i have visited the official android developers web site, and searched and searched, but no luck. Android Developers

    does anyone know?? i want to murder it, but i need/want to know what it is.

    and yes, i googled perso 2.0, perso 2.1 and perso 2.2, and no luck.



    when i decided to finally go for it, and delete perso 2.2, using titanium backup pro, after i deleted it, titanium backup pro put double lines through perso 2.2, and the real name became unmasked, and perso 2.2 did not show up, but it converted to the name com.sec.android.personalization.

    so, in short, it is a worthless app for some sort of personalization.

    since i had frozen it a weeek ago, with no harm to any of my phone functions or other apps, and also after i deleted it, i had no harm or problems, i am glad i did.

    my ringtones can still be personalized and so can my wallpapers. so one less worthless app for me. whatever it did do, if anything, is of no concern to me, as deleting it caused no problems, and if i find out it does do something, i bet it is not important, in my opinion.

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