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Want to Root Device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jashe, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Jashe

    Jashe Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I want to root my samsung galaxy ace.
    I know I have to have a Root.zip on my sd card. I have to reboot my phone using home and power button and applying the root from that. But I want to know

    • The Purpose of the Rooting
    • Can I have Flash Player Working on my Ace
    • Will I loose any apps
    • Will this Void my Warrenty. If it does, if i Unroot it, will the warrenty come back again and how to I unroot.
    Will I be able to access all the files, remove installed apps like Shazam and Allshare and move all apps to SD Card.


    PS, could you give me a good link for the Files

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  2. Jashe

    Jashe Newbie
    Thread Starter

    63 views and no replys

    i want to know these questions. Ive read through forums for th answer but no luck.
    Does rooting take out dat on the phone and.sd card

    please reply
  3. forcrp

    forcrp Lurker

    All your questions are answered in the second thread of the forum, called " Sticky: Samsung Galaxy Ace: All Things Root Guide".

    But to reply to your first post:

    - Root your phone if you feel you need to add capabilities that you think it currently lacks. DO NOT do it just because everyone else seems to be. For example, in order to install scripts that let you move all apps to SD card, some methods require that your phone be rooted.

    - Some people seem to have got Flash player to work. Check related threads with "Flash Player working" as topics.

    - Make a backup and then root your phone. There are no guarantees.

    - Yes, your warranty will be void in case your phone encounters problems after it is rooted. If you unroot it, it'll be back to the original state and you should be able to give it to Samsung for repair under warranty if you want to.

    - That is a different process. Check the appropriate threads.

    General advice: Read. There some extremely detailed and descriptive guides about what rooting is, the consequences, etc in the forum. Since you got to the part where you transfer the zip file to your SD card, you must've explored quite a bit anyway. EVERYTHING is explained in the root guide.

    I used the root guide here for my Ace, which has 2.3.4 and it worked perfectly.


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