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Want to switch from iPhone, need app alternatives

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by thedaego, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. thedaego

    thedaego Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 16, 2010
    Current iphone 3gs user here. I'm thinking about picking up the N1 and selling the iPhone because of my general dislike for all things Apple, however, I tried out the Droid last year for 30 days and went back to my iPhone. I'm wondering if things have changed significantly in the Android world since then.

    I'm particularly interested in Android alternatives or flavors of the following iPhone applications:

    • kindle (kindle reader)
    • audible (audiobooks)
    • Jaadu RDP (remote desktop) <-- this one is a deal breaker for me
    • picasa photo application (uploading and administering albums)
    • dropbox
    • Orb
      • I know this existed a few months ago but the implementation was awful. Has it improved?
    • Skype

    Copy and Paste
    I'd also be interested to know if the copy/paste functionality has improved at all. When I had my Droid, copy and pasting from the body of an email was almost impossible. You needed to hold down one of the tiny droid keyboard buttons and drag your finger across the screen to highlight the text. At that point if you highlighted the wrong text you were S.O.L because it immediately copied the text as soon as you raised your finger from the screen. Please, please, please, tell me this has been improved!

    I'd love to get away from my iPhone so that I can delete iTunes forever.

    Thanks for your input!


  2. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    Kindle: No official app yet, but I'm reading my Kindle books on my Droid. I'm not permitted to provide a link here.
    Google >>> kindle igor python azw html -torrent removal ebookutility
    If you need more info, drop ebookutility from your search.

    Rdp applications for Android - AndroidZoom.com

    Audio Books Audible applications for Android - AndroidZoom.com

    Dropbox applications for Android - AndroidZoom.com

    Picasa applications for Android - AndroidZoom.com

    Orb Music applications for Android - AndroidZoom.com

    Skype: exclusive arrangement with Verizon recently announced, thus explaining its removal from other app stores. Will appear in the Android Market "soon", but no ETA announced yet.
    Verizon shows off its (newly) exclusive Skype service for Android phones | Android Central

    Re: copy/paste:
    Not as easy as it is on the iPhone, but given all the pluses handled by the Droid which are not possible with the iPhone, I can live with it.

    (1) When I REALLY must copy/paste something (bit.ly user key comes to mind), on my laptop, I place it in the subject field and email to me. On the Droid, I hit the Reply button, which then allows me to "copy all" in that subject field.
    (2) Otherwise, if I'm reading something and I want a copy of some or all of it, I just hit the menu key, choose "Share link" and email it to my gmail addy, me+URL@gmail.com. A filter tosses em all into one directory. The page title auto-appears as the subject line, so I can easily retrieve whatever later when back at my netbook or laptop.
  3. thedaego

    thedaego Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 16, 2010
    Thanks for the links. I wasn't aware we could browse the Android market via a computer. Looks like there's a substitute for everything I currently use.

    Skype isn't a deal breaker, just a nice to have. I get little to no reception in my basement so I have a skype number that I forward all my calls to. Not having skype on the phone isn't too big a deal as if I'm in my basement without reception, I'm in front of a computer anyhow.

    Sounds like it's possible to copy from an email as long as the 'reply' includes the previous message in the body. That's good. A lot of times I will email myself a note, address or telephone number and then copy it from my phone's email to whatever application I need (typically Google Maps). How is the copy/paste implementation in the maps application and contacts?
  4. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    kindle - aldiko
    audible - don't know
    Jaadu RDP - phonemypc
    picasa - don't know
    dropbox - sugarsync
    Orb - don't know
    Skype - already covered

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