Wanted: Full screen Day view calendar widget


Ok, I've been looking for a while now and can't find it, but I keep thinking it must exist. I am looking for a full screen calendar widget that simply looks like the day view. Every thing I find is agenda view, which I hate.


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Hmmm.. If I'm alone in my search for a Day view widget, it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. My Outlook calendar at work is fairly full with meetings, often double/triple booked. Not because I'm important mind you, just because that's what my role entails. I sync my outlook calenar to gmail using Google Calendar Sync so I have my schedule on my Evo. I much prefer the "day view" because I find it the easiest view to look for openings "white space" in my schedule either when scheduling somethink else or trying to figure when I'm going to eat today. I can open my google calendar in day view with a step of two, but would prefer to have a full screen widget.

Assuming many folks have a similar daily schedule at work or school... If no one else is looking for this functionality, how are you satisfying this need to quickly see "white space" in your schedule?



I found this thread while looking for exactly that, a full screen ie: 4 x 4 widget for calendar day view. Perhaps one of the calendar widgets already allows this via settings and someone else could let us know? Surely this must be already available somewhere.


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sorry I cant help with a full screen one, but I use Gemini calendar which allows me to have a 4 x 2 widget display displayed in top portion of my home screen. This allows up to 8 appointments to be displayed at any one time. It isn't what you have stated you are looking for but may be of some use till the right one turns up, good luck