Wanted/Needed Accessability app


I posted in another part of the board about what I'm looking for, so sorry if your reading this twice, but I need to find a solution.

long story short. I have a motorola droid bionic android version 2.3.4, it has an app (OEM) or should I say, an option under 'Settings/Accessability' called 'zoom mode'. Unfortunatly, they did away with this in 4.0.4 which my new Nexus and soon the bionic will have.

Basiclly, its a 1.5"x1.5" box with a '+ and - to adjust the zoom level' that you move around with your finger that magnifys whatever it's over, any screen, any app.

Bottom line, I need this app to use the phone, I've talked to samsung, motorola, verizon, and tried google, but they refuse to take tech support calls or answer emails.

I have a rooted droid X, I went into the 'system' folder and extracted the files 'zoomservice.apk', and 'zoomservice.odex' then tried to install it on my nexus, it wouldnt install, I opened the .odex and .apk files associated with the app and it had "motorola" all over inside the scripts.

I'm, by far, no dev, but I feel that most of the parts are there, they just need to be rearranged and recoded correctlly, along with making an icon to launch the app since it was just an option in earlier versions of android (on motorola as far as I found)

I'm legally blind and the situation is getting very frustrating, with no help from the manufacturer or service provider, it seems this is my last resort. Even if someone could teach me and lead me in the right direction I would be greatful, I have SDK toolkit, but not sure what I'm doing with it. I just want to live my life like I did before I lost my vision, I just need this little box to help as it has in the past. I dont want something screaming out all my business (text to speech) in public. I've gotten along just fine with the zoom mode, I dont want to loose it.

K, sorry, wasnt such a "short story" after all.

Thanks for your time and consideration