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Apps wanted to know some Android API classes related to my Project

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Ritesht93, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Ritesht93

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    Dec 10, 2011

    Dec 10, 2011
    I am a new to android app development.. Currently reading the book of Oreilly publications..Android App Development.. That book seems to be nice but i don't think i could get some info related to my project..!

    My project is that i am thinking of to develop.. a SCREEN RECORDER.. but i dont think API support is provided.. i have heard of rooting..where in i guess the phone needs to be connected to a host comp and its screen snapshot can be taken on the host itself.. i think even debuggers on host have that capability such as DDMS of ADT plugin..

    i want to develop an app without any rooting..and it must take screen snapshot at-least..and then later on i could think of recording the screen..and save it on the phone's SD card itself.. Snapshot could be triggered by some hardware button such as volume (only when my app running in background) or it could be a scheduled 1....

    So wanted to know are there any API Classes in Android 2.2 platform supporting the above..

    There are few apps in the market as well...that take screen shots without rooting..only a few..like 2-5 i guess so..

    API Classes Even just for screenshot would be fine..! Tryin to find in platform's API documentation as well.. If anybody knows kindly help.. Thanks in advance..!


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