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WARNING! Do NOT reapply the update after updating!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unplugged1, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    My EVO bricked yesterday as well. Like many of you, I assumed the phone asking to update again meant something went wrong the first time. Both times the update was applied I made sure to plug it in to AC and not touch it.

    For those of you who are in areas that do not have any EVOs in stock, is Sprint doing anything to help you? I spent a good 2.5 hours at Best Buy yesterday afternoon trying to get this resolved. A few BBs in town have EVOs but they won't give any up as they are slated for Pre-Order. The Sprint stores in town don't have stock and said they won't help anyway since I bought it at BB. Calling Sprint has yielded no help either.

    I would be able to understand the back and forth if this was something I did to make my phone unusable. However, since Sprint did something that damaged my phone i expect them to take care of it regardless of whom I purchased it from, and regardless of how long it's been (the fact that I'm inside my 30 days is irrelevant here).

    Is anyone having any luck getting Sprint to help? What are they offering you by way of a new phone and also in credit for the inconvenience? I'm going to call them again in a few minutes here. Any suggestions on who to talk to and what do say?

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  2. dogun_cazere

    dogun_cazere Lurker

    My phone survived the update, but they removed the stock google launcher app in the update, which seriously blows, since I had spent some time customizing it all. I've pulled various APKs from emulators and even from the original evo firmware... no dice. I wasn't going to root my phone, but I am definitely going to now.
  3. j_holla

    j_holla Lurker

    i fell victim to the upgrade as well...did the initial upload left the phone sitting and then it was bricked

    I got lucky though, called the Sprint store immediately (of course they had no idea what I was talking when I told them what had happened), got in and they said ok we'll have a new phone for you tomorrow. Just got the call that it's here so going to pick it up at lunch

  4. citizenx

    citizenx Lurker

    WOOHOO! got my replacement today @ work!! came with no battery or memory card on it...so I have to run home @ lunch time and activate YES!
  5. vdubfast

    vdubfast Newbie

    This is what happened with mine. The first update completed without issue. I had time to reset a few of my widgets and make sure WiFi was working, and sent a text to my wife to have her update hers.

    I set the phone down with it on its charger. About two minutes later I see the arrow at the top doing the download signal. Pulled the bar down and this one said HTC update. Figured there were two updates and let it run. I now have a nice paperweight.

    Not rooted, HW Rev 3. I did not instigate the 2nd update. It ran on its own and did not even ask me to confirm before starting its install.
  6. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    Just got off the phone with Sprint. Of course no one in Customer Service nor Tech support knew of the issue. The guy i talked to walked over to advanced tech support and they were aware of the issue.

    The best they could offer was to have me go by Best Buy, pick out a new phone which they would credit me for while I wait for my Evo. This makes me a little nervous but I'm going to give it a try during lunch here.

    Those of you who are getting phones ordered for you, who is doing this? Everyone I call (Best Buy and Sprint stores in the Altanta area) basically say they have none, don't know when they'll get more, and cannot place orders.
  7. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    One more thing. The guy I'm working with does not have a direct line but he gave me his e-mail address. It is an address @acs-inc.com. I'm assuming this is a contractor Sprint uses for support? I find it odd (and a little unprofessional) that Sprint would not supply all their contractors with @sprint.com e-mail addresses.
  8. radamateur

    radamateur Lurker

    Sorry to everybody who are without their phone right now. I was lucky in the sense that I still have a semi-working phone.

    I'm just curious if anybody else has had this issue; I updated (only once) and it seemed to go smoothly, until I tried to turn my wifi on later. No wifi and no 4G. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  9. rsg71

    rsg71 Lurker

    Another Atlanta EVO user here...basically we're SOL...I had sprint send me a temporary hero for now (which will be charged the full $472 to my account and credited back when it's returned). I wasted a good 3 hours yesterday between phone calls and running to 2 different stores. Sprint said it should ship by Friday. They wanted to leave me without a phone, or asked if I had another Sprint phone to temporarily re-activate. I just moved to Sprint...:mad:
  10. quentin135

    quentin135 Newbie

    I too feel lucky, having escaped the mass brickage.

    My wi-fi, 3g, 4g, gps, all work. I've turned them off/back on multiple times for the past day and my phone responds appropriately. Even ran speedtests last night to test my wifi and 4g.

    My single issue so far is that I woke up this morning and four of my apps had inexplicably moved to an adjacent screen. Not sure why that happened, but I moved em back and all seems ok.
  11. dfay6

    dfay6 Lurker

    My wifi seems to work much better and a big improvement in battery life. I even leave my wifi on all day now.
  12. rsg71

    rsg71 Lurker

    FYI, FWIW, Sprint told me they received a shipment and I should receive my replacement in a day or 2. I received my temporary Hero for now.:rolleyes:
  13. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    I didnt even look at my phone for well over half an hour while second update was running. when I did it was dead. no notification light, nothing. so i shrugged it off and went back to what i was doing on the pc, and have no idea how long it was b4 i looked at it again, maybe 2 hours or so. when i tried to turn it on, nothing happened. showed no sign of life as it had during the first update, it shutdown several times during the 1st 1. but it never took long to start back up and begin to do whatever it was doing. after getting a sinking feeling i began to google the quote "EVO died during update" when i found the first instance of the bricking on a tech site i read. moved to sprint forums and saw at least 4 instances there, with the same circumstances. then i came here and posted a thread that i must have misplaced cus i can't find it. but i found this 1. the MOST frustrating thing in this whole process are the people who INSIST a users actions were causative. it's not my first device update,and it was not even a stretch for me to imagine a layered update, with more than 1 version change over a 12 hour period. Further, I am not a hack, and never even considered rooting my phone. I first read that use of the word sometime in the week after the 19th, which was the day i brought it home. i wish i had prevented my evo murder, but after alot of replay in my mind i come to 1 conclusion, it should have never happened. sprint knew of the 1st bricks laid in the early hours of the 28th. all they needed to do was pull the update. or upon realizing a error like 2nd install bricking it, shoot out a massive text alert. like a phone amber alert. send a mass email SOMETHING stating the risk if a double update was done.
    After all, it's a pretty surprisingly bad BUG that causes this instead of a simple alert window popping up to tell you you already have the same version.


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  14. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The bricking of phones was a massive failure on the part of HTC and Sprint, plain and simple. This mess is NOT the fault of any Sprint user. It would have been very simple for the programmers to insure that two consecutive updates do not destroy the phone. I mean, can you imagine if Microsoft sent out a PC update that ruined the computer if someone tried it twice? I almost always try PC updates twice because they often do not "take" or there is a layered update that needs the first one to update the second.

    The new update is out and it fixes the issue -- too late for many unhappy customers.
  15. Chatzvr4

    Chatzvr4 Newbie

    take your phone to sprint store, if they cant fix it they will order you a new one. A sprint repair center. i took mine today and the rep ordered me a new evo. she said it will arrive tomorrow.

    Sprint released a new batch of evos for the **** up that happened yesterday with the update..

    Just some FYI
  16. yes they special order me one too, hopefully i will get it before july 4th!
  17. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    An update to my situation (rsg71 sounds like you're set). The last person I spoke with at Sprint told me to go to BB, get a new phone, charge it to my account, and he'd reimburse me. Went to BB on lunch and they said they aren't able to charge to my account. Went to a nearby Sprint store (buckhead) and they said they couldn't either because my account is <90 days old.

    Fortunately for me the Buckhead store had a 'refurb' unit in the back. He said he didn't know if it was actually a refurb unit or not, but it had no battery and no mem card and is a 001 unit. So who knows.

    Long story short I swapped for that one even though I purchased from BB. Problem solved for now.

    Edit: the battery cover doesn't sit 100% flush on one side of this unit which really bothers me. Hopefully it won't be noticeable when I get my case on it.
  18. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    I will also say the one thing Sprint could be handling better in this situation (other than prevent it from happening in the first place) is do a better job of notifying support personnel. Every person I've spoken with at Sprint in customer service or tech support has not had any knowledge of the issue.

    The last supervisor I spoke with walked over to "advanced tech support" and said they knew of the problem. And the person who helped me at the sprint store was aware (only because they've had a lot of people coming in).

    There's no way to be happy about how a situation like this is handled, but I can say I'm satisfied with the end result and how the customer service supervisor and the sprint store rep handled the situation. However, Sprint certainly needs to get in the game as far as internal communication.
  19. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Anybody who says it is a user fault for updating phone twice is obviously a little too defensive of their phone

    With that said I am glad to see a lot of people's luck is turning around. My father is using a pre for now(and he said he wishes the android had the card system like the pre does). he is actually going to keep the pre till the white evo comes out at best buy
  20. randyzon

    randyzon Lurker

    I have also successfully bricked my Evo. I pulled the micro SD and made a copy of the contents then formatted it so a future owner would not have my data just in case there is anything on the card worth checking out. Sprint says 5-7 days for delivery and all the local stores are out of stock. I asked to return the Evo and for a refund pending resolution even though I still have 15 days left for a return.

    What happens with all those apps I bought if I get another Evo????
  21. citizenx

    citizenx Lurker

    Just a FYI...I didn't realize how bad my screen was till I received my replacement (got mine on release day). the one on the left is the brick one and you can see the screen separation (ran out of patients trying to get the right pic).

    Also took a chance and ran the update since I read it had been taken down and was back up. Went smooth with no problems. phone is running like a champ. thanks sprint!!! great customer service on this :D

  22. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Do not tell them where you bought the phone unless they ask.
  23. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I just got the update. Looks like they've fixed it. My phone is working just fine. :)
  24. what sucks is i lost all my contacts lol and my sms txt that i saved since june 4th!!!!!! dammitttttt no way to recover anything from a bricked phone, at least i can take the 8gb sd card (pics/videos)
  25. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    yup, that's what I did too.

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