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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by kutsushita, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. kutsushita

    kutsushita Member
    Thread Starter

    About a week ago when I booted my phone everything forced closed while the desktop loaded up (phone, gps, settings, etc...) and nothing worked except third party apps (thank god.) Well I rebooted and everything worked fine after that... Fast forward to today and it started happening again except this time no matter what I did nothing would work. I even dropped the phone off with a Sprint service center (my device is a Sprint Hero) and they just ordered me a new phone because nothing they did worked. After I left Sprint I went out to eat and while eating I kept messing with my phone more and more until I admitted defeat and started backing up all my apps with Astro :D. Welllll apparently somewhere along the way I got this effing awesome idea to uninstall via Astro all the applications I've downloaded in the last week and freaking bam; phone works again. Here's a list of applications I deleted and I've starred the ones I think are more likely the culprit(s).

    Audio Manager Widget
    Smart Android Apps, LLC

    My Coupons - Eat Free
    Most Popular Download

    3D Level
    Igor Fischer

    Icon Pack - Mario
    Better Android

    Calendar Widget 2

    Minutes Widget (Miku Version)
    Maya Takao

    *Internal Memory Widget

    *SD Card Memory Widget

    S2 Calendar Widget

    *Powertime Widget
    Weaverfish Designs

    The starred ones raise more flags as I downloaded them before any of the others but not knowing which did this I figured I'd put all that I uninstalled to fix my phone. Anyone else have any problems like this?

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    It's hard to determine which apps may have caused something like that , It may have even been an update to an app your updated to that week or not an app at all. Either way thanks for sharing this as hopefully this will be of some use to other members :)

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