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Was anyone able to activate an I/O phone today?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MxChino, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. MxChino

    MxChino Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just got home from work and haven't tried calling them yet. Just wondering if they are in fact activating the I/O phones on lines.

  2. Rizop

    Rizop Member

    I activated mine early this morning. It took almost 50 minutes because i kept on being transferred to different ppl. Finally i got ahold of an account specialist who instructed me through the process. The actual process wasnt time consuming(painless, actually), but the constant transferring was; i don't think they were all on the same page yet. My phone was eventually reset to default settings ( i wasn't near a computer at the time), so i lost all of my data; i just redownloaded all of my apps, and i went to the sprint store to get my contacts transferred from my old phone. To sum things up: it can be done!!!! :D
  3. PhxDroid

    PhxDroid Newbie

    I bought mine from an attendee.

    I have not tried to activate it yet.

    Are there any discounts that were offered to the attendees if activating the phone I should know about?

    I am going to port my number from At&T and have never used sprint before... Am in Phoenix, AZ
  4. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    I called Sprint for mine, but she told me she couldn't do it. Online doesn't work as well.
  5. lewi3069

    lewi3069 Member

    Im currently being transfered because the first person said i can't because its on another account and i dont know the security question

    first try was google but i dont know if he put it in...

    hopefully a manager can help me... :mad:

    I just want it to have my phone number not sprints temp number is that too much to ask to pay for the phone im using instead of using it free?!
  6. Rizop

    Rizop Member

    guys, keep trying. They'll keep transferring you to someone else, but they can definitely do it. One of the reps told me that he couldn't do it, but i told him that it IS a Sprint phone, and it only has a DEMO account. He transferred me to someone else. The actually switching doesnt take that long (about 15 minutes). You'll have to turn off the phone for a while.

    If they still insist that they can't , then they're straight up lying to you. They didn;t even ask me for my ESN number, that's how simple it was for them. Keep the pressure on
  7. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    I decided to finally cut over from my Google demo account and the gal I got is clueless. Even called the special # from the Google IO doc. Am sitting on hold and she's apparently finally setting me up.
  8. Rizop

    Rizop Member

    yup, that was the number i called-the one on the paper.
  9. lewi3069

    lewi3069 Member

    Yea when the guy came back from hold like 10 mins he said his supervisor was able to fix it. just don't take no for an answer!
  10. kencrudup

    kencrudup Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I finally got mine activated on my own (business, actually) account.

    But yeah, you have to keep trying; don't make the mistake I did- when they did the ESN swap from my Moment, I had voice OK, but couldn't get data to come up (either errors 67 or 1012). We tried everything (and I'd save that number that came from Sprint when you got your EVO at the I/O conference, they're the clued Sprint Tech support guys!) so without thinking the issue with trying to provision my phone for data was related to the 3 gazillion such provisions happening today, after the 3rd attempt I did a backup and full wipe- only to find out that wasn't it, and it took a few more tries to activate (power cycles, at that point so I wouldn't have to time out trying to authenticate to Google) before the phone provisioned successfully and came on-line for data.

    I was thinking about (trying to!) get up at 0400 PST when they'd opened to do mine, and now I wish I had :)
  11. blake247

    blake247 Well-Known Member

    1-877-527-8405 is the only number you need. Tell them you have a Google I/o phone and wish to transfer it...
  12. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    Yeah, my voice capabilities work fine now, but I'm still awaiting data provisioning. If it doesn't take within 3 hours, then I'll call back and bitch.
  13. MxChino

    MxChino Newbie
    Thread Starter

    They did get it activated on my account she explained how she had to cancel the demo account to get it to take. Took about an hour but itis done. Now I'm just having problems getting my Verizon port to work.
  14. spinteews

    spinteews Lurker

    I called that number last night and got 2 EVO phones setup in 45 mins.
  15. MxChino

    MxChino Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, they'll set you up with a google I/O plan. $59.99 for 500 landline minutes, unlimited everything else (except mobile hotspot). With the $10 Evo tax its pretty much the same as the 450 minute unlimited data plan.

    Not to bad of a deal.
  16. lewi3069

    lewi3069 Member

    If your having problems with data go to settings,system updates, update profile... keep doing that until it works... mine took almost 2 hours.

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