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Was I chating with a Straight Talk Robot?

Discussion in 'Straight Talk' started by sounreal, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. sounreal

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    > Keigh has entered the session.
    > 11:52:13 AM You wrote: How do I swap sim cards
    > 11:52:25 AM Keigh: Thank you for visiting Straight Talk Wireless! I would be happy to assist you with your concern.
    > 11:53:10 AM Keigh: Hi Michael, i understand that you would like to know how to swap SIM cards.
    > 11:53:45 AM Keigh: Please be informed that Straight Talk service does not support SIM card swapping.
    > 11:54:38 AM You wrote: But I already swapped one time and I would like to do it again,
    > 11:55:14 AM Keigh: Do you mean SIM card replacement?
    > 11:56:19 AM You wrote: No I have a straight talk at&t sim card and I have a straight talk t-mobile sim card.
    > 11:57:04 AM Keigh: I see.
    > 11:57:54 AM Keigh: Did you transfer your SIM card from one phone to another?
    > 11:58:40 AM You wrote: I was using the ST AT&T sim card them I swapped it with my ST T-mobile sim but now id like to go back to the ST AT&T sim card.
    > 11:59:32 AM Keigh: I see. Let me check the information here. May I have your phone number?
    > 12:03:30 PM Keigh: Are you still with me?
    > 12:04:58 PM Keigh: I would be happy to assist you today; however, I'm afraid that if I don't hear from you, I will not be able to stay and keep this chat open.
    > 12:05:22 PM You wrote: yes
    > 12:05:51 PM You wrote: Number removed
    > 12:06:04 PM Keigh: May I have your phone number?
    > 12:07:17 PM Keigh: Thank you.
    > 12:09:00 PM Keigh: Thank you for patiently waiting.
    > 12:09:29 PM You wrote: no problem
    > 12:10:32 PM Keigh: One moment please...
    > 12:10:38 PM Keigh: For you to swap your SIM card, you need to purchase another SIM card.
    > 12:12:23 PM You wrote: Why? I already have 2 different straight talk sim cards.
    > 12:13:20 PM Keigh: It is because you are going to change your carrier.
    > 12:14:09 PM You wrote: Which sim card do i buy then?
    > 12:14:48 PM Keigh: The AT&T SIM card. The one you bought before.
    > 12:16:28 PM You wrote: i dont understand why I have to buy a (ST TALK AT&T) sim card when i already have one.
    > 12:17:30 PM Keigh: One moment please...
    > 12:18:55 PM Keigh: Before going further, may I know why you transfer to T-Mobile SIM card?
    > 12:20:11 PM You wrote: to see which was better ST AT&T or ST T-Mobile.
    > 12:20:26 PM Keigh: I see.
    > 12:21:16 PM Keigh: When you transfer to T-Mobile carrier, did you buy a T-Mobile SIM card?
    > 12:22:21 PM You wrote: i still think you dont understand me....
    > 12:22:58 PM Keigh: Yes.
    > 12:25:21 PM You wrote: you know that straight talk is both ATT and T-mobile correct? I have the 2 different sim cards that i got from Straight Talk.
    > 12:26:24 PM Keigh: One moment please...
    > 12:26:24 PM Keigh: I do apologize, but as per our terms and conditions, we are only able to replace the SIM card if the customer enters the ZIP code during the purchase, and unable to have service during activation.
    > 12:27:30 PM Keigh: To provide resolution, we will change the carrier network.
    > 12:29:09 PM You wrote: ok
    > 12:29:25 PM Keigh: We can replace your SIM card but that is case to case basis only.
    > 12:31:27 PM You wrote: nothing is wrong with any of my sim cards.
    > 12:31:38 PM Keigh: If you are having issues right now with your service, we will perform trouble shooting procedures and exchange your SIM card if your carrier is the issue.
    > 12:32:17 PM You wrote: whats the number to straight talk?
    > 12:33:19 PM Keigh: One moment please...
    > 12:33:26 PM Keigh: Our customer care department 1-888-251-8164 from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST, Monday to Sunday.
    > 12:34:20 PM You wrote: thanks bye bye
    > 12:34:36 PM Keigh: You are welcome!
    > 12:34:48 PM Keigh: Thank you for visiting Straighttalk.com. We appreciate your business.


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