Sep 3, 2011
With my contract i get to watch live sports on my SGS2, however the quality is terrible. it seems its the case with any streaming video as well, even in app video. Comparing the video directly with my iPhone its like im watching HD on it, compared to bitty, crashing video on the galaxy.

I have approximately 9mb broadband so that shouldnt be the issue. Is there a setting im missing to smooth out the video quality? Ive tried the top four browsers and video players with no difference.

The big screen to watch video on is the reason i bought the phone, if watching video will always be this bad i may need to reconsider...

Rant over, please help :)
I stream bbc iplayer through sgs2 and that works fine. I think we need to wait for sky go app coming out this winter, for decent skysports app. Im not on orange, so cant comment on your issue.
I stream bbc iplayer through sgs2 and that works fine. I think we need to wait for sky go app coming out this winter, for decent skysports app. Im not on orange, so cant comment on your issue.

Ive just tried this, and yeah it does stream smoothly, to be fair. So i cant understand why the others are so bad. If youtube wasnt poor quality id attribute it to the fact it was live.

Guess ill wait for sky go then, although sky dont appear to have much love for Android. Back to the ipad for that for now then
Doesn't help with sky sports but try m.tvcatchup.com for normal "freeview" TV (works pretty well for me over wi-fi) :)
Thanks for the assurance folks, it would seem the only one which is actually poor is the one i would be paying for! I'll cancel it then me thinks

NB I found a setting on youtube to stream high quality video, so now it looks much better. :)
I recently moved to Orange for the Sky Sports swappables on their Panther Plan with a new Galaxy S2. To date I have found the service, to say the least, variable! My phone is running ICS.

A friend has Sky Go and the quality on that is way better - I had 2 phones (galaxy S with Sky Go and Galaxy S2 with Orange Sky Sports) running simultaneously through my WI-Fi and the streams were time shifted by about 20 seconds with the Sky Go picture quality MUCH better.

Back to Orange Sky Sports, I called them to query the quality issue and they were virtually no help - told me it was a bandwidth issue, poor 3G signal (I live less than 100metres from an Orange mast), and that the iPhone was a better phone (haha!). Eventually hit me with Orange Ts & Cs stating service quality not guaranteed!

I then called Sky to dig a bit deeper - they couldn't help as I wasn't paying them directly and don't have a sky account, but the sky girl did say that Orange used their own servers to broadcast the Sky channels. This would seem to make sense as I find that the video quality is better for what I think will be less popular programs (eg ladies golf!! and any scottish football (being a 'jock' I can legitimately say that!)) but trying to watch Man City vs United last night was an utter waste of time (reverted to listening to it on radio). Stream was continuously buffering and totally unwatchable.

It seems to me that their servers probably couldn't cope with the demand. I would say that the Sky Sports on Orange is at best reasonable but don't don't depend on it for any big events that are liable to be popular.

Back now to watch some more ladies golf!
Quality varies by sport you watch. Cricket and snooker are good, football and rugby not so good but much better than just sound. I had lots of trouble at first with getting the swapables and had weeks of '150' calls to Orange help! Very often the error was 'your phone is not suitable'. Eventually one very bright technical man discovered it was because I'd viewed a internet page in desktop view and left the phone in desktop view. So if you get the same message try switching out of desktop view. Hopes this helps somebody out there. Please help me, does anyone know if there is a swapable option to have Sky F1 on Android? Thanks.