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Water damage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tombs, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Tombs

    Tombs Lurker
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    sorry I know alot of people have asked about water damage but i couldnt find any that relate to my issue.

    so i walked home this new years day and it was bricking it down, i kept my phone as dry as possible, when i got home it was working just fine, it didnt get that wet at all, but my silicon case concealed some water within.
    not thinking to remove the case as it seemed fine i went to sleep, when i woke it was repeatedly tring to turn itself on, it was only lighting up the htc screen (the one you see when you first turn your pone on) and the shutting down again.
    it kept doing that for a while, but now it only attempts to turn on when i actually push the power button, but still with the smae result.

    any help would be great, ive only had it for a month.
    and sorry if i didnt word this well or if im posting in the wrong place, its my first post here.
    oh and its a htc one s.


  2. nanobis

    nanobis Newbie

    Sorry to hear that dude. But your best bet with water damage is to dry it out as soon as possible, by leaving it in a bag of rice/ somewhere warm for a day or two.

    I had a similar issue with my phone after it got wet in a jacket pocket hiking. It kept booting into the Bootloader, as the volume down button was stuck/shorted out (HTC use metal switchers). After I got back from the trip. I made sure it was dried out properly and contacted HTC who fixed the issue as it was under warranty. I did leave out the part about it getting a little damp.

    They did say that if the damage was due to water, that it wouldn't be fixed and returned at cost. I took a risk and was fine, and they fixed the Phone. It wont hurt to contact them and try. Just maybe, leave the part about water out.;)

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