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Water Damaged Samsung Galaxy S6

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Jake McCabe, Mar 6, 2016.

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    My Samsung Galaxy S6 has this problem where if you turn it on it says it is over heating and must turn itself off constantly. I took it to a phone repair shop last week and they said that the problem is due to water damage but there is 'too much' and that they can't fix it. I always thought that there was a way to fix water damage, even if it was more of a price, does anyone know what I should do now? Is there any good online phone repair websites that fix water damaged phones that you guys know from experience?

  2. scary alien

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    Welcome to our AndroidForums, @Jake McCabe.

    Sorry to hear your device has water damage :(.

    Unfortunately, water / moisture intrusion into your device touches and leaves traces (and possibly damages) most of the components in your device, so there's no particular/specific fix for a device since it could be any or all of the components that are (or will be in the future) affected.

    Water / moisture carries micro particulates that are deposited and remain withing the device even after the water has been removed--this is what causes the problems either immediately or later on since these particulates can create micro-shorts in the electronics.

    The very first thing you should do when you find/see that a device has been exposed to water is to remove it from any power source (i.e., pull the battery) and stop using it.

    The next thing is to remove or displace as much moisture as you can and continue those efforts for several days: i.e., remove the device from the case, gently shake-out any water, dab / dry with a paper towel, and then insert the device in a sealed container of a good desiccant (dry, uncooked rice for example) for several days, changing the desiccant each day with a fresh, dry batch. After several days--the longer the better--then you can try reinserting the battery to see if the device will function.

    Here's some good background information that details a few (some extreme) options:


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