Water drinking reminder app? Is there such a thing?


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Ok, thought I'd get your attention. But I'm looking for a water drinking app that would get my attention. I've tried hydro coach and a few others. But they're not very obtrusive so I don't notice the alerts. Whatever noise it makes to drink, it's time based... So like every hour. It's basically a clock chime telling me it's the top of the hour. Wonder if there's an app that maybe varies the time a little and is more obnoxious. Also, I have a Samsung smart watch. It would be nice if it buzzed my wrist and showed on that to drink .


Android Expert
I find that a sound I downloaded, that of a LRAD, works excellent as an obnoxious alarm.

I even set it as my ringtone.

I found a recording of it that is so loud that I can leave my ringtone on at the lowest setting, and it is still pretty vad in a quiet room- but adequate in a noisy shop.