Help Water sensitive / Tamper evident stickers?

Hello all,

A friend dropped my phone in beer and now the sticker is red and I'm tempted to take it all apart to see if the little water evident sticker on the inside near the usb port is also red but don't want to take it all apart just to be able to never get it repaired...

I'm looking for both the water evident stickers and the little white one covering that screw behind the battery door cover.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance. :cool:


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I can tell you that if you put the phone on its back and take the battery cover off the back, the white screw sticker is the bottom left one, or the left of the usb port. One of the water stickers is near the usb like you said, but idk about the 2nd one.


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Right, the one covering the screw is NOT a water evident sticker, but I am sure there are other stickers on the inside of the phone other than the one directly behind the battery door/cover.

I know on m BB there were WE stickers under the keyboard and one near the trackball.


The water damage stickers are sensitive enough that they could be tripped by the humidity of being in the bathroom while you take a shower. If your phone was submerged I'd say there's a 99.5% chance it's red.

If your phone isn't working leave the battery out for a day or two and try again. If it still isn't working it may be time to get a new one.