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waterproof desire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by funkmuncha, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. funkmuncha

    funkmuncha Newbie
    Thread Starter

    this is quite amazing

    this weekend i fell in a river with my desire in my pocket!! i feared the worst but took the battery cover off and battery out and left it over night to dry off. in the morning when i put the battery back on the phone booted up fine, all the widgets loaded on my home screens, but it was vibrating solidly. i powered down and it was still vibrating, only stopped when i took the battery out again.

    i left it a few hours and when i switched it back on the vibration was gone. it still vibrates for calls and haptic feedback is there, so infact there seem to have been no ill effects at all. which is absolutely amazing as when i opened it up there was water all over the inards of the phone and the battery

    i think i have been very lucky

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  2. mi6-bond

    mi6-bond Member

    yes lucky,but i doubt it will last long,water slowy corrodes the electrical components so it could last a while.in a situation like that you should never turn it back on,you should take out all cards an battery and stick the lot(submerged)in a pot of uncooked rice for a week.that could help but no guarantee's.you should buy a jcb toughphone lol.
  3. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    This is all that I'm really finding in a Google search.
    Waterproof case
    Probably not exactly what you're looking for, sorry :-/
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  4. funkmuncha

    funkmuncha Newbie
    Thread Starter

    or i should just try not to fall in rivers!!

    it is the end of the dry season here in zambia, so anything that gets wet gets dry pretty quickly.

    ill be so disapointed if the phone doesnt last, but ill keep you guys updated.
  5. funkmuncha

    funkmuncha Newbie
    Thread Starter

    so the phones been working almost fine all week.

    the only problem has been with the vibrations. i noticed that vibration when typing was a little bit more violent than before it got wet.

    then yesterday i left the phone on charge for quite a while, i checked it at 87% and everything was fine. i came back 20mins later and the phone was vibrating quite hard and constantly. i shut down and it continued to vibrate, only stopping when i pulled the battery. put the battery back in and still vibrating solidly. few restarts later still vibrating.

    after a while it stoped. ive disabled all vibrations now (calls and notifications, haptic feedback and vibrate when typing) but still if i move the phone suddenly it starts to vibrate. the vibration changes tempo and winds slowly down to a dull tick tick tick from under the back cover.

    when its in the throws of these erant vibrations a firm tap on the back can either increase or decrease or stop the vibration alltogeather.

    any ideas??? factory reset perhaps?

    thanks in advance
  6. cowana

    cowana Newbie

    I think the best thing would be would be to open the phone right up, and get to the boards. Using a cotton bud and some isopropenyl alcohol, clean off any water residue and make sure there is no corrosion.

    If you are not able to do that, a mobile phone repair shop should be able to help out.

    It is much more likley any damage is hardware rather than software, so I doubt a factory reset would help.

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  7. nickkr

    nickkr Member

    I put my Desire into one of these when out in the Rain.

    Mini waterproof phone case<BR>(104)

    Not very pretty but I've use the phone (touch screen unaffected) and the camera in very heavy rain when the phone would have got absolutely soaked. Great for on the beach, watersports etc.
  8. bfready

    bfready Newbie

    There is probably corrosion on the vibration motor. You need to either give it to a cellphone repair shop to clean it or take it apart your self and clean it. Rubbing alcohol/iso is good for cleaning circuits boards.

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