Help Waterproof tablet phones? Do these exist?


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What I really need is a 7 to 10 inch screen, phone, wifi, wireless data, waterproofness (using a case is okay but not preferred), fast response with no lag, accurate touch response for typing and editing documents with android open office, all for $230 or less. Is there anything like this?


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I doubt it, but buying a Freezer Zip Bag is super cheap if you have a need to be out in the rain. I ride motorcycles as a Tension Release, and when it rains, I just throw a baggie over my electronics...

Trying to use any electronic device underwater is just 1 step short of stupid..... even video cameras built for this purpose are expensive for a reason, they go to extreme lengths to keep them water tight.


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That's a big ask: a tablet with phone functionality, waterproofing, high enough specs to run to your satisfaction and a budget price. I don't myself know of such a thing: LTE versions of Sony's water-resistant Xperia tablets can apparently make calls, as I believe can the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, but none of those are budget devices.

And as said above, you should treat this water resistance as "should survive a rain shower" rather than "can use under water".