Android Enthusiast
Dec 18, 2009
Well, I'm trying to activate Wave Secure on my phone. Problem, I have regular texting blocked by Verzion as I use Google voice for texting.. And Wave Secures message somehow isn't getting to it when I enter in my google voice number for the activation message.. is there any way around this?
Any thoughts here guys? I'd like to use wavesecure but I'm not going to put on texting just for that..
GV does not (yet) support short-code so you can't use it for registration. I ran into the same issue for Weather.com alerts and AOL/AIM forwarding.
I did, however, notice this morning that the online GV changed "SMS" to "Text", I'm hoping that means MMS and short-code is coming but I'm not holding my breath either!
Hopefully someday...