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WaveSecure Mobile Security: security app that protects phone, data & privacy.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Plasmadragon007, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Plasmadragon007

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    WaveSecure Mobile Security is not only a anti-theft app, but a mobile security app that protects your phone, data & privacy in the event of loss. Track SIM changes, lock, backup, wipe & restore data. Find your lost phone via a secure site. Change log: http://bit.ly/3NQ1TQ


    This app has already saved my butt several times. I am the person who puts their phone somewhere and forgets. Now I can hop online and see exactly where it is. I’ve also needed to reset my phone and now I can restore my phone from the computer. To think that all of this comes with one app, that’s awesome!

    With WaveSecure, there is a yearly charge of $19.90. But you get so many things that it’s more than worth it. You can set it for daily scheduled backups of your SMS, contacts, and call logs. It does it in a smart way since it will only do this while it’s charging so it won’t kill your battery while you’re driving home. With the newest version, you can now backup your media as well, so those pictures from St. Patty’s Day or your favorite ringtones won’t be lost forever. When a new system update comes up, it might format your phone. No worries… just reinstall WaveSecure and in 3 clicks you can restore all of your lost info. Did you leave your phone at the bar and you know it’s gone? Now it might not be! You can log on to www.wavesecure.com, lock down your phone, wipe all of your personal information from the phone, and then find exactly where it is! And if someone tries to change the SIM card it tells you the number and locks the phone automatically.

    Ease of Use:
    The interface for WaveSecure really couldn’t be easier. The hardest part about this app is remembering your PIN. Even the web interface is easy.


    There are two different interfaces that need to be spoken about for WaveSecure; the app itself and the web interface. The app consists of 5 buttons; Backup, Upload Media, Restore, Lock Down Phone, and Wipe Now! They do exactly what they say. You really can’t get easier then that.

    The web interface isn’t that much more complicated consisting of 10 buttons; Lock, Track, Location, Backup, Wipeout, Restore, Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, and Media. The only one that seems to be confusing is Track. It doesn’t track the phones location (that’s what Location does) but it tracks what’s going on with the phone (turned off, switched SIM, etc.

    Remote functions such as Lock, Locate, and Wipe
    Backup for Contacts, SMS, and call logs
    Media uploads
    Uninstall protection

    $19.90 a year(even though a con is $1.65 a month worth it? I believe so for something that is worth so much!)



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