Way to go Sprint!


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Just switched from Tmob to Sprint today, sort of. I took my wife down to Best Buy with me to see if they had a demo version of the EVO (they didn't), but she liked the Hero.

So I went to the Sprint store, they waved the $35 activation fee and took her cell phone off my hands for $65. They said I'd still qualify to get the EVO as a new customer all I have to do is create a second line (I'm approved for 5 lines).

About the EVO, he was talking like they were only to be getting about 6 phones on release day....does that sound right? Anyway I told him I'm not worried about that as I was number two to preorder at Best Buy.

Oh and I get a 15% discount off my service. The strange part is the guy just asked me who I worked for (I could have said anything) to get a credit off my monthly bill.

When we left the store her line had already been transferred!

Last thing....the Hero came with 2.1 installed. Much better than my G1.


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Each Sprint store should get more than 6 phones. Probably more like 20. I know 2 guys who work at 2 different Sprint stores and they have said that much.